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He was perfect

Twelve years ago, my life changed.  My life changed forever!!!  Twelve years ago at exactly 6am EST, I gave birth, but my son didn't get to come home with me.  XT was born still.  Other than not surviving his birth, XT was perfect!  He had ten little fingers and 10 perfect little toes.  And his little nose, oh goodness, his little nose was too cute.  So, today, I remember my beautiful baby boy.  My perfect little angel watching over me.  

Happy birthday, XT!  

Another mission to accomplish

Goals, goals, goals!!!!  That's what I wanted my focus on 2017 to be on - achieving goals!  I have certain goals I want to achieve on social media.  I have some things I want to accomplish as far as fashion is concerned.  I have some things I want to accomplish due to health reasons.  This post is another goal I want to achieve for health reasons.  
I'm working hard on my body this year.  Not working hard on it because I want to be a certain size, but because I want to be as healthy as possible.  So many ailments run in my family - high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc...  I don't want that to be my life.  I saw a challenge online and of course, I modified it to fit me and my schedule.  
I introduce to you 2017 in 2017!  My goal is to do 2017 squats, 2017 arm lifts, and 2017 sit-ups by the end of the year.  Let me go ahead and clear this up for the trolls - yes, I am fully aware that if I just do 10 a day, I can do this in around 6 months.  But the fact of the m…

One step at a time

This is going to be short, but I just cannot contain my excitement!  On Wednesday, I wore a pair of jeans I wasn't even able to zip in December without doing some crazy theatrics to make it happen.  Wednesday morning, those things zipped right up.  

The photos are of the jeans and the Instagram post to go with it.  I was so excited that I had to share it.  But then I thought, why not do a small post.  I'm pretty positive I've written about my journey in another post recently, but in this post, you can actually see the results.  Now, you won't see a before and after photo of me in my undies because I am just not there yet.  However, you will see some photos along the way as the inches and pounds start to fall.  

This post is simple and just to motivate you.  Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not going to turn into one of those people who keep posting workout selfies each day.  That isn't my lane and I've learned to stay in the lane that is designated for me. …

13 facts tag

I admit, no one actually tagged me in this thing, but I saw it floating around the bloggersphere and thought it was pretty cool.  In other words, I have no clue who to give credit to for this post because I have seen it several times.  So, to all the bloggers I've seen do this, thank you for sharing!  But now it's time for me to get to these thirteen questions.  And now that I think about it, maybe I'm drawn to it because of the number of questions, seeing as how thirteen is my favorite number.  Let's do this!  

1. What do you order at Starbucks? This absolutely depends on the season!  I only order frappuccinos (fraps) though.  Typically, I only order fraps in size venti and mostly without whip cream (unless it is the praline flavor during the holiday season).  There is also the s'mores frap they have from time to time.  Well, I think you see what I order during the seasonal times.  However, on a typical order, I get a venti vanilla frap with a shot of espresso witho…

The humble moment

I have been feeling some type of way about myself for a little while, especially this blog!  I love this blog and I love the title of this blog and I am proud of the posts I have added to this blog.  However, somewhere along the way I got caught up in something that got me off track to what I was trying to accomplish.  

As bloggers we set out to do different things.  Some of us set out to make some cash, gain followers, become brand ambassadors, become famous, be on TV, and whatever other goals we may have.  But while all of that is great and amazing, it is possible to lose sight of what you wanted to do with your blog in the first place.  


For me, I wanted my blog to celebrate me - the good, the bad, the ugly, the absolute craziness that is my life.  It was all going perfectly fine until I felt like I needed to change some profiles on my social media.  In the essence of making more things fit (simply because I needed space), I let go of the one thing that made this blog what i…

Calling all...

This post isn't even about me.  It's all about you!  This is going to be short and sweet.  One of the goals I made for this year is to be more involved in my blogging community.  Yes, my community.  I'm not talking about chatting it up with people, I'm talking about getting more involved with posts!  

Here's the thing - I love reading and commenting on other blogs.  So, I need a huge favor - if you are a blogger, please comment and leave your bloglovin' site!  My goal is this - on the days I'm not drafting or when I'm traveling for work to read and comment on as many blogs as I can.  I just need your help in doing so!  To me, it's so much easier to read blogs on there because sometimes, my emails get lost in spam.  However, on bloglovin', I never miss a post - much like you can never miss a post from this blog if you are following.  

So, help me out!  I want to get introduced to more people and be part of helping our community grow.  Can't do …

Anxi Cast: Extra!

Well, I can now say with one hundred percent certainty that I have officially made it through my first anxiety attack of the year.  I would love to tell you I did it in thrilling fashion, but that would be a lie - I think.  Let me set the scene.  
I know Saturday was going to be a great day.  I could just feel it.  I had the best plans and the only thing I needed was for the interstates to be flowing freely without any accidents or crazy drivers.  So, I got my errands completed, went to go get my brows shaped (because that's just what I do every three weeks), was able to get a short nap, managed to get my full face on (in record breaking fashion), and made it to where I was going before all the festivities started.  Traffic flowed nicely (except for this savage that met the side of me I don't like) and it was just a great day...until that moment...
We got to a fun part of the event I was attending and my mind just flipped.  I felt myself getting ready to go to a place that I don…

I'm slowly losing it

Note: The next #TPDchat on Twitter will take place Saturday, January 21 at 2:00pm EST. Topic is weight loss!  Hope you can join us! 

Let me say the same thing I've said in previous posts - I'm a plus size woman.  My blog is called The Plus Diaries.  Even when I get down to the size (notice I did not say number on the scale) I want to be, I will still be considered a plus size woman.  Basically, this blog isn't going anyway.  It's all about change and expansion and I like that!  

On the second day of the year, I went back to my alternate eating plan.  For me, I have to do things that work for ME because me not eating is actually a migraine trigger.  Cray cray, right?  That means there is no meal skipping for me.  Just not happening.  But what I like is that even though I may not be able to do something completely as it is designed (yoga poses and all), it doesn't mean that I cannot make it happen.  

For me, my alternate eating plan is simple.  I do this Monday through …


Let me just be clear - I had absolutely no intention of blogging tonight.  When I woke up this morning, I was already planning my trip back to my bed in the hours after I got home from work.  My plan after I got home was to workout, cook, eat, clean up my kitchen, shower, do a load of laundry.  That was the plan.  Nowhere in that plan do you see write a post.  Well, around 8 this morning, I got some news that would eventually add do a blog post to that list.  
This morning, I got word of a death.  People react differently to death.  Personally, I just lost my aunt a week before Christmas and I guess that holiday season made that seem big.  But this loss I heard this morning hurt me in a place of my heart I didn't know I had.  

I tend to be a quiet person.  I keep to myself.  So when I'm able to connect with people, I consider it something absolutely great.  A couple of years ago, I was blessed enough to meet a young couple who loved each other how I think love was invented to be…

Book Review - Inflection

When I go to the bookstore (yes, I still like to go to those), I don't like to be bothered.  I know the associates have to do their jobs and come check on me, but other than that, I don't talk.  I like to walk the aisles and figure out what I'm looking for.  I don't have a rhyme or reason, I just like to walk until something catches my attention - cover art, a title, a book that has recently been pulled out and not back fully in its proper location - and then I start reading the back cover.  If the author can get my attention without me even opening the book, it's worth the try, right?  That's how my typical trip to the bookstore goes and it can last anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour.  

The last book I completed, it totally didn't happen like this.  I got into a conversation with someone about this blog and my love for writing and that I hoped to have a book out one day.  This person told me, "I've written a book".  Of course, I wanted t…

So loud!

I love music.  I'm a fan of almost any type of music except heavy metal, hard rock, and anything else that has a bunch of screaming and stuff I don't understand.  I listen to lyrics.  You can have an amazing beat, but if your words are not saying a bunch of nothing, you need to do better.  Grant it, some lyrics don't make sense, but for people like me - I actually want to know what the song is about.  

I've been wanting to do a music post for a long time.  Nothing fancy, but I figured that since you know other things about me, you might as well know what I'm listening to as well.  Now, keep in mind these are songs I've been enjoying listening too over the past month so yes, it's going to include some Christmas music.  

List is in no particular order.  These are just seven of my most listened to songs in December.  

Well, there you have it!  Those are the seven songs I was listening to over the past month.  What were you blasting in your car or house in the rec…

Page 1

I've had a pretty cool first day of the year.  I went to Starbucks, made a Target run, went to Ulta, and had my pizza (that I've been craving since last week).  Then, my asthma wanted to act like a savage and I had to have my first nebulizer treatment of the year.  As I type this, my body is still trying to come down of the high because I'm all jittery and stuff.  Don't worry, it's normal, but it makes it sort of hard to take an afternoon nap.  So, since I can't sleep, I'll write something for a few minutes.  

Let me just say, I have a heart for children.  Like, I love kids.  Have none of my own, but I love them!  In fact, some friends of mine welcomed a baby today and I was too happy for them.  But, it was the family I met at Target this morning that made my heart smile.  Three kids, two boys and one girl.  Well, the girl was too hype in Target.  She was excited like I am when I go to Target.  Upon closer look, I noticed it was either a blended family or an…