Tuesday, January 31, 2017

He was perfect

Twelve years ago, my life changed.  My life changed forever!!!  Twelve years ago at exactly 6am EST, I gave birth, but my son didn't get to come home with me.  XT was born still.  Other than not surviving his birth, XT was perfect!  He had ten little fingers and 10 perfect little toes.  And his little nose, oh goodness, his little nose was too cute.  So, today, I remember my beautiful baby boy.  My perfect little angel watching over me.  

Happy birthday, XT!  

Monday, January 30, 2017

Another mission to accomplish

Goals, goals, goals!!!!  That's what I wanted my focus on 2017 to be on - achieving goals!  I have certain goals I want to achieve on social media.  I have some things I want to accomplish as far as fashion is concerned.  I have some things I want to accomplish due to health reasons.  This post is another goal I want to achieve for health reasons.  

I'm working hard on my body this year.  Not working hard on it because I want to be a certain size, but because I want to be as healthy as possible.  So many ailments run in my family - high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc...  I don't want that to be my life.  I saw a challenge online and of course, I modified it to fit me and my schedule.  

I introduce to you 2017 in 2017!  My goal is to do 2017 squats, 2017 arm lifts, and 2017 sit-ups by the end of the year.  Let me go ahead and clear this up for the trolls - yes, I am fully aware that if I just do 10 a day, I can do this in around 6 months.  But the fact of the matter is that I don't work out every day.  And even when I do workout, there are some days I take the steps back to my place and I'm not doing any squats because my legs would be as limp as string!  I know my limits and that is why this is going to work for me.  

Of course, you know I'm using my bullet journal to track my progress and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if I reach each of the goals at different times.  This is just the left side of the giant calendar I created.  I left the right side available to show the dates I actually achieved the goal.  

But don't worry, just because I reach the goal (yes, I will reach the goal), it doesn't mean that I'm going to stop!  I honestly want to see how far I can go and what transformation is going to happen to my body just by doing at least 2017 of these things.  

And just a little side note for my bullet journal peeps, The calendar itself was completed with Sharpie markers, but the coloring was completed with colored pencils.  Check back to my Instagram to see exactly what I used.  I know this isn't detailed, but my photo will tell you a little bit more! 

Ok, back to the post!!!!

So, starting Wednesday (and depending on if my body is back to normal, probably after that), I'm going to start on this journey.  Wednesday is also a big day because it is weight day.  I haven't weighed myself since January 2 and I'll admit, I'm nervous about what the number is going to be.  However, I know I'm more than a number on the scale, but I would love for it to be on the downward trend.  Hey, just being honest.  

I am determined to make 2017 my best year yet!!! I am determined!  Just like I've shared these starter posts, I'm looking forward to sharing victory posts with you as well.  I got this!!!  

Friday, January 27, 2017

One step at a time

This is going to be short, but I just cannot contain my excitement!  On Wednesday, I wore a pair of jeans I wasn't even able to zip in December without doing some crazy theatrics to make it happen.  Wednesday morning, those things zipped right up.  

The photos are of the jeans and the Instagram post to go with it.  I was so excited that I had to share it.  But then I thought, why not do a small post.  I'm pretty positive I've written about my journey in another post recently, but in this post, you can actually see the results.  Now, you won't see a before and after photo of me in my undies because I am just not there yet.  However, you will see some photos along the way as the inches and pounds start to fall.  

This post is simple and just to motivate you.  Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not going to turn into one of those people who keep posting workout selfies each day.  That isn't my lane and I've learned to stay in the lane that is designated for me.  However, I will keep posting you my little healthy meals because I simply like to share recipes (and get ideas from other people).  And when I see progress and have a victory like I did in the middle of the week, I'll share that too.  Not because I want to rub it in, but I want to do the thing my friend had done for me and tell someone to keep going.  

Whatever path you are on, keep going.  It's not easy and at times can be a bit of a struggle, but as I love to tell people you got this!!!  

Monday, January 23, 2017

13 facts tag

I admit, no one actually tagged me in this thing, but I saw it floating around the bloggersphere and thought it was pretty cool.  In other words, I have no clue who to give credit to for this post because I have seen it several times.  So, to all the bloggers I've seen do this, thank you for sharing!  But now it's time for me to get to these thirteen questions.  And now that I think about it, maybe I'm drawn to it because of the number of questions, seeing as how thirteen is my favorite number.  Let's do this!  

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
This absolutely depends on the season!  I only order frappuccinos (fraps) though.  Typically, I only order fraps in size venti and mostly without whip cream (unless it is the praline flavor during the holiday season).  There is also the s'mores frap they have from time to time.  Well, I think you see what I order during the seasonal times.  However, on a typical order, I get a venti vanilla frap with a shot of espresso without whip cream.  

2. What's one thing in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?
Right now, I love my boot socks!  This is a new discovery for me because I was trying to wear the cute little cuffs.  What I discovered is that little was the word I needed to pay most attention to because my legs are not little at all, but my calf muscles give me life.  When the season changes, this will change.  Let's revisit this question in the Spring, shall we?

3. What's one thing most people do not know about you?
Most people have no clue (and are shocked to learn) that I'm an introvert.  I love people and I love hanging out, but I also have a limit because after a while, I'm just done.  That's why I always drive if I go out with friends or I always let people make the plans because I know after an hour or two, I'm done with the event.  I cannot stand to show up late, but I will leave the event early without giving it a single thought! 

4. What's one thing you want to do before you die?
I want to be published, either in a magazine or in a book.  I'm a writer, so of course it was going to be something off my writing bucket list!  

5.  What's one food you cannot live without?
PIZZA!!!  I love me some pizza.  I don't like thin crust, but I love pizza.  Recently, because I'm trying to be healthier, I have discovered zucchini or squash pizza.  I've tried cauliflower pizza a number of times and I've learned that it just isn't for me.  But, pizza, I love me some you!!! 💗💗💗

6.  What's one quote you live your life by?
I actually have my own quote.  Here goes..."Take a deep breath, buckle up tight, and enjoy the ride.  It's not going to be pretty, but it'll be worth the journey" - Shayla Em

7.  What do you like / dislike about the YouTube / blogging community?
Well, I'm not part of the YouTube community, so I'm going to leave that alone.  However, I have a few bones to pick with the blogging community.  I'm just kidding!  I love the blogging community!  I think my favorite thing about the blogging community is the diversity!  If you are looking for something, you will find it.  Unfortunately, I do have a dislike - I dislike that some people get bullied for their topics and sometimes it comes from other bloggers.  If you don't like something, just keep moving.  There is absolutely no need to be nasty.  

8.  What's the number one song on your iPod or iTunes?
I guess I will just go with my most listened to song on my iPod and that would have to be Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.  When I saw him do this song live, I truly think I was in some sort of heaven.  

9.  What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
I don't know if I really have a style.  Some days I don't match.  Some days I'm totally put together and my shoes have to match my pocketbook.  Some days, I truly don't care because I'm not trying to impress anyone.  Some days, it's all about the bargains.  Then on all days, I just want to be comfortable.  I guess my style is supercomfymatchlesspreppybargaindivadocious.

10.  What is your favorite number?
Yep, definitely already answered this one in my opening, but if you totally flew through that and skipped that part, I'll answer it again.  My favorite number is thirteen.

11.  What are two hobbies?
I love to crochet and here recently, I've started working on my drawing skills.  Maybe one day, I'll share them with you.  

12.  What are two of your pet peeves?
I cannot stand to get behind someone in the fast lane going less than the speed limit.  Although I'm trying to work on my road rage (don't worry, I haven't done anything cray cray), I will flash my lights at you or honk my horn if you don't move in a timely fashion.  Also, I cannot stand people who are constant takers.  They take your energy, your time, and sometimes your money and when you actually need them, you cannot find them.  Please, just get somewhere and sah down!  

13.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Hands down (for a meal), it's a whopper with cheese, with onion rings instead of fries, and a sweet tea to drink from Burger King.  Yep, I order it just like that.  When I'm driving a long distance, I have to have a frozen lemonade from Sonic. 

I feel like being jazzy, so I'm going to tag a few people.  Simply because I want to keep this going, I will pass along to three people.  So, DemiBee, Totally Tanisha, and Aneesha Monae, you're up!!!  

Also, if anyone else wants to join in (much like how I did), I'll just post the questions so all you have to do is a quick copy and paste.  

1.  What do you order at Starbucks?
2. What's one thing in your wardrobe that you cannot live without?
3. What's one thing most people do not know about you?
4. What's one thing you want to do before you die?
5.  What's one food you cannot live without?
6.  What's one quote you live your life by?
7.  What do you like / dislike about the YouTube / blogging community?
8.  What's the number one song on your iPod or iTunes?
9.  What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
10.  What is your favorite number?
11.  What are two hobbies?
12.  What are two of your pet peeves?
13.  What is your guilty pleasure?

Enjoy!  💝🌟

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The humble moment

I have been feeling some type of way about myself for a little while, especially this blog!  I love this blog and I love the title of this blog and I am proud of the posts I have added to this blog.  However, somewhere along the way I got caught up in something that got me off track to what I was trying to accomplish.  

As bloggers we set out to do different things.  Some of us set out to make some cash, gain followers, become brand ambassadors, become famous, be on TV, and whatever other goals we may have.  But while all of that is great and amazing, it is possible to lose sight of what you wanted to do with your blog in the first place.  


For me, I wanted my blog to celebrate me - the good, the bad, the ugly, the absolute craziness that is my life.  It was all going perfectly fine until I felt like I needed to change some profiles on my social media.  In the essence of making more things fit (simply because I needed space), I let go of the one thing that made this blog what it was.  

As bloggers, we use many hashtags.  Truth be told, there are some days I get tired of using them, but I know it's how people find me and how I find people.  Go figure.  When I first started this blogging journey, I used the hashtag #psblogger on all my social media.  But as I evolved and as I wanted to become more mainstream (I guess), I dropped that hashtag and simply became a #blogger.  What I have realized is that doing that was not fair to myself or the plus size community that I know I'm part of.  

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a company I wanted to work with, but lost the desire to do so because of something I kept seeing on their social media.  Although not to the same extent, it dawned on me - what did I do that was so different?  

Nothing.  Nothing I did was that different.  I can only assume the people I wanted to work with starting posting weird stuff on social media because they were trying to gain traffic and appeal to a specific audience.  It just wasn't something I wanted to be part of after I saw what exactly was being shared with the world.  Although I wasn't tweeting anything obscene or putting anything crazy on Instagram, I still stepped away from what made this blog part of me (other than its name).

In other words, let me humble myself and do what I came to do today...

To my fabulous readers, people I work with, and all that have been involved in helping me to make The Plus Diaries is what it is today, I hope you can accept this apology.  I started this blog with the goal to bring awareness that being plus size doesn't mean we're not fabulous, but then stepped away from almost everything that helped me to identify with myself and what this blog was meant to be.  I hope you can accept this apology and allow me, Shayla, to make things right.  I'm looking forward to 2017 being the biggest (no pun intended) year in The Plus Diaries and I cannot wait to connect with so much more of you.  I'm also looking forward to spreading more love and positive vibes to all involved in the blogging community - whether you are a blogger or reader.  I cannot wait to work with you and thank you for helping me to realize that the roots of this blog and this blog foundation are more powerful than anything.

~~~~ Shayla Em ~~~ 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Calling all...

This post isn't even about me.  It's all about you!  This is going to be short and sweet.  One of the goals I made for this year is to be more involved in my blogging community.  Yes, my community.  I'm not talking about chatting it up with people, I'm talking about getting more involved with posts!  

Here's the thing - I love reading and commenting on other blogs.  So, I need a huge favor - if you are a blogger, please comment and leave your bloglovin' site!  My goal is this - on the days I'm not drafting or when I'm traveling for work to read and comment on as many blogs as I can.  I just need your help in doing so!  To me, it's so much easier to read blogs on there because sometimes, my emails get lost in spam.  However, on bloglovin', I never miss a post - much like you can never miss a post from this blog if you are following.  

So, help me out!  I want to get introduced to more people and be part of helping our community grow.  Can't do it without your help though.  What do you say?  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Anxi Cast: Extra!

Well, I can now say with one hundred percent certainty that I have officially made it through my first anxiety attack of the year.  I would love to tell you I did it in thrilling fashion, but that would be a lie - I think.  Let me set the scene.  

I know Saturday was going to be a great day.  I could just feel it.  I had the best plans and the only thing I needed was for the interstates to be flowing freely without any accidents or crazy drivers.  So, I got my errands completed, went to go get my brows shaped (because that's just what I do every three weeks), was able to get a short nap, managed to get my full face on (in record breaking fashion), and made it to where I was going before all the festivities started.  Traffic flowed nicely (except for this savage that met the side of me I don't like) and it was just a great day...until that moment...

We got to a fun part of the event I was attending and my mind just flipped.  I felt myself getting ready to go to a place that I don't like.  My eyes got all teary and my heart started racing.  I've never been one of those people who thought I'm having a heart attack during my anxiety attacks.  Honestly, I think that was my saving grace in allowing me to not flip out in front of a few friends and a bunch of strangers.  

I went into action.  I took deep breaths.  Inhale - 1 - 2 - 3 and exhale - 1 - 2 - 3, and repeat as many times as needed.  Typically, I tell myself to stop out loud, but saying it in my head was going to have to work.  Eventually, it did work.  Didn't work as fast as I had wanted, but it did work.  I got through it and I survived.  Luckily, I had someone to text me some funny stories as well to keep me on the ground.    

That's it.  I was so scared of what was happening to me and although it took away that particular moment of happiness, it didn't ruin my entire day.  After it happened and I got myself back together, I was fine.  It was like everything went back to normal, but I will never forget that madness that caused me about 30 minutes of hurt.  

For those of you who suffer from anxiety, let me tell you that it's ok.  Everyone reacts differently and it's so important to take care of yourself, even when you feel obligated to others.  I hope you make this year about self care, just as I'm striving to do.  There will be bumps, but I look forward to getting through this one day at a time.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm slowly losing it

Note: The next #TPDchat on Twitter will take place Saturday, January 21 at 2:00pm EST. Topic is weight loss!  Hope you can join us! 

Let me say the same thing I've said in previous posts - I'm a plus size woman.  My blog is called The Plus Diaries.  Even when I get down to the size (notice I did not say number on the scale) I want to be, I will still be considered a plus size woman.  Basically, this blog isn't going anyway.  It's all about change and expansion and I like that!  

On the second day of the year, I went back to my alternate eating plan.  For me, I have to do things that work for ME because me not eating is actually a migraine trigger.  Cray cray, right?  That means there is no meal skipping for me.  Just not happening.  But what I like is that even though I may not be able to do something completely as it is designed (yoga poses and all), it doesn't mean that I cannot make it happen.  

For me, my alternate eating plan is simple.  I do this Monday through Friday and on on the weekends, I splurge.  NOT.  Actually, on the weekends, I only have one major meal a day and it is typically either breakfast or lunch.  And on any day of the week, I try my best to not eat past 7pm, unless it is a light snack.  

A typical week for me is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will have a smoothie for breakfast, snack around 10 to 11, lunch at 1, dinner by 6 (most of the time) and if I get hungry, yogurt at night.  And even on those food days, my app typically will have to remind me that eating less than 1200 calories a day is bad for my health...which is why I usually have the yogurt, even if I'm not hungry.  A later blog post will come explaining what I eat, but this isn't the point of this post.  I'm getting there.  Tuesday and Thursday, everything is the same until we get to dinner.  On those two days, dinner is basically a healthy snack.  I'll have some fruit, dry cereal, or granola.  My goal is at the end of each week for my app to tell me I am 3500+ calories under budget.  That should mean I should have lost at least a pound that week.  Last week, I did very well and I am hoping for the same this week.  

The previous paragraph was to help you understand.  Now, we can get to the meat of this.  When I tell people what I'm doing, I get mixed reactions.  I get the I'm proud of you and I cannot wait to see the results.  But I also get the why are you doing this because you are eating air and you're not going to get to enjoy foods when you go out.  For starters, I'm a master at manipulating menus because there are only a select few places where I'm going to eat.  That list grows even smaller when I'm on this alternate eating plan.  Next, after doing this for only ten days and I didn't have to compete in an Olympic event to get on my jeans and my leggings are feeling baggy, I'll take air for 1000, Alex!  

Fact of the matter is that no matter what you do in life, someone going to have something negative to say about it.  Do you press on or do you go back to the status-quo?  Personally, I have a pair of jeans that I absolutely love that still need to get above my thighs and zipped, so I will be doing this until my goal is met.  Grant it, I'll have to take a break in about two months to celebrate my birthday, but I also know that one weekend is not going to ruin two months of hard work (yep, I'm working out too).  

So, for those of you who have people in your ear (well actually in your business) about how you are losing weight (because it works for you), pay them no attention!  You do you and continue to do you and then be the best you by not giving in to their foolishness.  I don't know what your goal is or what outfit you are striving for, but they don't get to experience that first look in the mirror when that outfit finally fits.  It's your journey and enjoy the ride.  And to you people who have nothing kind to say to someone losing weight (or anything else for that matter), do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut.  

Monday, January 9, 2017


Let me just be clear - I had absolutely no intention of blogging tonight.  When I woke up this morning, I was already planning my trip back to my bed in the hours after I got home from work.  My plan after I got home was to workout, cook, eat, clean up my kitchen, shower, do a load of laundry.  That was the plan.  Nowhere in that plan do you see write a post.  Well, around 8 this morning, I got some news that would eventually add do a blog post to that list.  
This morning, I got word of a death.  People react differently to death.  Personally, I just lost my aunt a week before Christmas and I guess that holiday season made that seem big.  But this loss I heard this morning hurt me in a place of my heart I didn't know I had.  

I tend to be a quiet person.  I keep to myself.  So when I'm able to connect with people, I consider it something absolutely great.  A couple of years ago, I was blessed enough to meet a young couple who loved each other how I think love was invented to be.  He treated her like a queen and she honored her husband.  They supported the dreams of each other and although they were clearly individuals, it was so obvious they were just meant to be together.  Last night, in a very sudden way, the husband of this dynamic duo died.  I absolutely could not believe what I had heard.  Quite frankly, I turned into a social media stalker because I refused to believe what I heard.  Then his beautiful wife posted this moving tribute that had me sitting at my desk trying to regain my composure because I wasn't even half way through my morning. 

After the shock of the news finally decided to settle and I got myself back together after reading her post, something else dawned on me - these people are younger than me.  In fact, he didn't even make it to his birthday (which was today).  I know none of us know the day or the hour of our death, but it's just something about someone younger than me going on ahead.  

This young woman won't get to have kids with her husband.  This young man will not get to make it to his dirty thirties.  He won't be there to celebrate her birthday this year.  There will be no more kisses goodnight, no more traveling, and no more holding hands.  However, I'm sure she has many great memories of all of those things.  

I know what you are expecting - this is where the blogger tells me tell the people around you that you love them.  Nah, not this time.  I vowed to be a bit more selfish this year because I found myself giving too much to people who wouldn't give me the shirt off their back.  So this is my message to you...

LIVE!!!  ENJOY each day you are given and love every single breath you get to take.  SMILE often, because it is good for your health.  LAUGH until you cry (or until your tummy starts to hurt).  EAT that last slice of pizza and feel no remorse.  MAKE jokes about yourself.  FIND people who are going to love you for who you are, not the monster they are trying to create.  TRAVEL!  GO out to eat alone and do some serious people watching.  GIVE out of the abundance of your heart, not because you feel obligated.  CHANGE the world.  WORK hard.  BE creative.  When someone tells you how you won't be able to do something, SHOW them that you can (and be better at them doing so).  SING out loud (and not just in the shower).  DANCE to the music (even if it is just in your head).  But out of everything I could tell you, please remember to do this one thing - LOVE YOURSELF!!!  You are valued, you are great, and you are one of a kind.  NEVER let anyone tell you different.  

As I end this post tonight and get ready to do the final thing on my list (go to bed early...after untwisting my hair), my heart still aches.  On the other hand, in the short time I knew him, I remember his smile, his love for music, his talent for music, and his kind soul.  I don't know how I will be remembered, but I hope I leave good memories behind - even if it is just this blog.  

Now, go enjoy life and give to yourself before someone else drains you.  Believe me, you are not truly giving to anyone else if you are not giving to yourself first.  Be beautiful.  Be brave.  And always be epic. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Book Review - Inflection

When I go to the bookstore (yes, I still like to go to those), I don't like to be bothered.  I know the associates have to do their jobs and come check on me, but other than that, I don't talk.  I like to walk the aisles and figure out what I'm looking for.  I don't have a rhyme or reason, I just like to walk until something catches my attention - cover art, a title, a book that has recently been pulled out and not back fully in its proper location - and then I start reading the back cover.  If the author can get my attention without me even opening the book, it's worth the try, right?  That's how my typical trip to the bookstore goes and it can last anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour.  

The last book I completed, it totally didn't happen like this.  I got into a conversation with someone about this blog and my love for writing and that I hoped to have a book out one day.  This person told me, "I've written a book".  Of course, I wanted to know about the process of him getting his book out, but I also wanted to know about the process of how it was written.  This is when the story takes an interesting turn because he thought it was just best I read the book.  Not really what I asked for, but once I started reading, I realize this was exactly what I needed.  

While I was on vacation in early November, I decided to break out this book.  I had only bought it a couple of weeks before and it was small enough to get through, with plenty of days to spare.  I was caught off guard by the title, but once I got into the book, I began to understand.  

Inflection is a book by Kevin Gantt that will give you some things to think about.  From the start, Gantt gives you his definition of inflection and from there, the rest of the book just flows.  It's not like a book I've ever read before.  This is the first time I've read a book that was not only a story, but gave deep insight to the inner most feelings of the person through their poetry.  Yep, there is also some beautiful poetry in this book to help all the pieces fall together.  But that isn't my favorite part of the book.  

My favorite part of the book was its purpose.  In my opinion, the purpose of this book is to uplift, inspire, and let you know that life is not over...even when it feels like it is.  Without telling too much of his personal business, Gantt is able to let you into a dark spot he had to go through in order to come to the light.  However, as he takes you step by step, you also get the chance to journey along with him for a beautiful comeback.  

I would argue there is not really a plot.  The only thing that progresses is Gantt's strength.  That''s really all that's important in this particular book - you see the author get better and better, even though the walls around him seem to keep crashing.  

Once complete, you have the opportunity to complete a guide.  However, I highly advise taking notes in the book (if that is what you like to do).  My book has notes and highlights because there was so much that just made me say wow, even though there are a few spots that made me say ouch.  

So, if you are looking for a short, but powerful book to read, I highly recommend Inception by Kevin Gantt.  It's the perfect book to start off the new year.  I promise, you will not regret opening up this cover!  

Note:  Please don't worry, I'm already in talks with Mr. Gantt about doing an interview! I hope you get to hear from him soon!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

So loud!

I love music.  I'm a fan of almost any type of music except heavy metal, hard rock, and anything else that has a bunch of screaming and stuff I don't understand.  I listen to lyrics.  You can have an amazing beat, but if your words are not saying a bunch of nothing, you need to do better.  Grant it, some lyrics don't make sense, but for people like me - I actually want to know what the song is about.  

I've been wanting to do a music post for a long time.  Nothing fancy, but I figured that since you know other things about me, you might as well know what I'm listening to as well.  Now, keep in mind these are songs I've been enjoying listening too over the past month so yes, it's going to include some Christmas music.  

List is in no particular order.  These are just seven of my most listened to songs in December.  

Well, there you have it!  Those are the seven songs I was listening to over the past month.  What were you blasting in your car or house in the recent weeks? 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

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I've had a pretty cool first day of the year.  I went to Starbucks, made a Target run, went to Ulta, and had my pizza (that I've been craving since last week).  Then, my asthma wanted to act like a savage and I had to have my first nebulizer treatment of the year.  As I type this, my body is still trying to come down of the high because I'm all jittery and stuff.  Don't worry, it's normal, but it makes it sort of hard to take an afternoon nap.  So, since I can't sleep, I'll write something for a few minutes.  

Let me just say, I have a heart for children.  Like, I love kids.  Have none of my own, but I love them!  In fact, some friends of mine welcomed a baby today and I was too happy for them.  But, it was the family I met at Target this morning that made my heart smile.  Three kids, two boys and one girl.  Well, the girl was too hype in Target.  She was excited like I am when I go to Target.  Upon closer look, I noticed it was either a blended family or an adoption family.  When I took another look, I noticed two of the three kids had down syndrome.  I don't know why, but that made me love their family even more, even though I have no clue who they are. 

The family of five was so happy and the dad was pulling the car while letting the little girl believe she had enough strength to push it.  They were so cool, but yet they were moving slow.  The parents turned around and saw me standing there and I guess they thought I wanted to get by.  They apologized and tried to get the three kiddos out of the way.  I simply smiled, laughed, and told them "don't worry about it.  You have a beautiful family."

The look on the mom's face told me they weren't used to hearing that.  I'm guessing they are used to moving out of the way of aggravated people and probably getting dirty looks.  But I refuse to do that to people, especially when there are kids involved.  Quite frankly, I was still feeding off the energy of the little girl who was happy to be in Target.  I was happy to be in there too, but she just made my entrance so much more fun!  

It's a new day.  It's a new year.  No, I didn't make any resolutions, but I am determined to be a better person each day.  Today, that involved me not being impatient.  Tomorrow, I don't know what it is going to be, but I hope I take the opportunity to be better.  There's always room for improvement and I have 364 days to keep doing better.