Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Calling all...

This post isn't even about me.  It's all about you!  This is going to be short and sweet.  One of the goals I made for this year is to be more involved in my blogging community.  Yes, my community.  I'm not talking about chatting it up with people, I'm talking about getting more involved with posts!  

Here's the thing - I love reading and commenting on other blogs.  So, I need a huge favor - if you are a blogger, please comment and leave your bloglovin' site!  My goal is this - on the days I'm not drafting or when I'm traveling for work to read and comment on as many blogs as I can.  I just need your help in doing so!  To me, it's so much easier to read blogs on there because sometimes, my emails get lost in spam.  However, on bloglovin', I never miss a post - much like you can never miss a post from this blog if you are following.  

So, help me out!  I want to get introduced to more people and be part of helping our community grow.  Can't do it without your help though.  What do you say?  


  1. Hi lovely, I'm over at, and I'm also over on bloglovin (though I'm still fumbling around wondering how to use it!!) Drop by and say hi sometime.
    - Elen x

  2. Hey! So, just followed you on Bloglovin', as well as your Twitter and Instagram! So looking forward to reading your work!!!! :)