Tuesday, January 31, 2017

He was perfect

Twelve years ago, my life changed.  My life changed forever!!!  Twelve years ago at exactly 6am EST, I gave birth, but my son didn't get to come home with me.  XT was born still.  Other than not surviving his birth, XT was perfect!  He had ten little fingers and 10 perfect little toes.  And his little nose, oh goodness, his little nose was too cute.  So, today, I remember my beautiful baby boy.  My perfect little angel watching over me.  

Happy birthday, XT!  


  1. Oh Shayla, I don't know what to say except I'm sorry and he truly is watching over you on every step of your journey, anxiously waiting to see what amazing things you do next. Sending lots of love.

  2. I hope I am making him proud. Thank you, lovely! :)

  3. Precious little guy- thanks for sharing this. Beautiful- and yes he is perfect.
    XX Jen

    1. Thank you. I'll never forget the short time I was able to hold him.