Saturday, January 21, 2017

The humble moment

I have been feeling some type of way about myself for a little while, especially this blog!  I love this blog and I love the title of this blog and I am proud of the posts I have added to this blog.  However, somewhere along the way I got caught up in something that got me off track to what I was trying to accomplish.  

As bloggers we set out to do different things.  Some of us set out to make some cash, gain followers, become brand ambassadors, become famous, be on TV, and whatever other goals we may have.  But while all of that is great and amazing, it is possible to lose sight of what you wanted to do with your blog in the first place.  


For me, I wanted my blog to celebrate me - the good, the bad, the ugly, the absolute craziness that is my life.  It was all going perfectly fine until I felt like I needed to change some profiles on my social media.  In the essence of making more things fit (simply because I needed space), I let go of the one thing that made this blog what it was.  

As bloggers, we use many hashtags.  Truth be told, there are some days I get tired of using them, but I know it's how people find me and how I find people.  Go figure.  When I first started this blogging journey, I used the hashtag #psblogger on all my social media.  But as I evolved and as I wanted to become more mainstream (I guess), I dropped that hashtag and simply became a #blogger.  What I have realized is that doing that was not fair to myself or the plus size community that I know I'm part of.  

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a company I wanted to work with, but lost the desire to do so because of something I kept seeing on their social media.  Although not to the same extent, it dawned on me - what did I do that was so different?  

Nothing.  Nothing I did was that different.  I can only assume the people I wanted to work with starting posting weird stuff on social media because they were trying to gain traffic and appeal to a specific audience.  It just wasn't something I wanted to be part of after I saw what exactly was being shared with the world.  Although I wasn't tweeting anything obscene or putting anything crazy on Instagram, I still stepped away from what made this blog part of me (other than its name).

In other words, let me humble myself and do what I came to do today...

To my fabulous readers, people I work with, and all that have been involved in helping me to make The Plus Diaries is what it is today, I hope you can accept this apology.  I started this blog with the goal to bring awareness that being plus size doesn't mean we're not fabulous, but then stepped away from almost everything that helped me to identify with myself and what this blog was meant to be.  I hope you can accept this apology and allow me, Shayla, to make things right.  I'm looking forward to 2017 being the biggest (no pun intended) year in The Plus Diaries and I cannot wait to connect with so much more of you.  I'm also looking forward to spreading more love and positive vibes to all involved in the blogging community - whether you are a blogger or reader.  I cannot wait to work with you and thank you for helping me to realize that the roots of this blog and this blog foundation are more powerful than anything.

~~~~ Shayla Em ~~~ 


  1. What a great post! I know I certainly do get tired of using hashtags.... Sometimes I just cannot be bothered! But I totally get what you're saying, it's who you are! And it's something you should be proud of and you're blog is amazing!! I love that there's so much diversity within the blogging community and each niche has its hashtag.

    Jordanne ||

  2. Thank you! The blogging community is so diverse and that is what actually makes it so much fun and interesting. So, needless to say, I'm back to my hashtags and proud of it!