Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pollen jock

If you have been following this blog, following my posts on twitter, or even see something on instagram, you know I have a serious issue with allergies.  Typically, I can get past my birthday before the allergy madness starts, but not this year.  

I live in the south and that means I live in an area that doesn't necessarily have seasons.  I mean, we have calendar seasons, but when the sun decides it wants to heat my side of the planet to 80 some degrees in the Winter, then that is exactly what is going to happen.  

Let me introduce you to why I currently am having difficulty breathing.  In the photo below, you will see what is supposed to be a beautiful tree blooming in the next couple of months.  Oh no, this madness is blooming now and has been looking like this for about a week.  Some of the other trees in my neighborhood are already green.  I cannot take it!  

However, come Friday, I will hopefully have a better understanding of what exactly are my triggers.  Yep, going back to the doctor.  My third visit in as many weeks, but I have asthma and I have to make sure I'm OK.  

So, to my fellow allergy sufferers, I hope you get through this season.  I have a feeling it is going to be a tough one.  But for those of you with some remedies, help me out.  Other than having local honey, what home remedies can you recommend?

Trivia: What movie did I get the term pollen jock from?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Box of soap

Disclaimer:  This post has absolutely nothing to do with my plus size life.  This is all about stuff I'm seeing that is getting on my nerves! 

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the greatest grasp on the English language.  I know the basics to do some technical writing at work, handle some conversations at work, write this blog, and hold a conversation with some great people.  But I have to admit, there are just some things I cannot stand and I'll only talk about a couple of them right now.  

Yall, what is this?!  At the beginning of the month, I used it in a post on my Instagram and had to ask someone how to spell it.  In fact, I just went back to the post to make sure I was spelling it write for this blog post!  If you are using it instead of saying babe, really?  It's the same amount of syllables.  Ok, it was cute when we were having fun about #saltbae, but now it's just out of control.  And here lately, some of the things I've seen have just been cruel and potentially hurtful to the people they are towards. 

People, really?  If you want to say the word, just say the word.  We're all adults here and quite frankly, most kids have already heard it.  This has been showing up in the middle of sentences, at the end of sentences, and then when they are trying to make a point, put it at the beginning.  Let me give you some examples! 

"Bihhhhh, let me tell you about my day"

"I'm having a long day, bihhhh, what is going on?"

"Yall, I'm getting this money bihhhh."

In any of these sentences, could something else have been used?  Yes!  However, I guess this is a just a phase that my generation (and wannabes of my generation) want to use right now.  

Ok, my rant is now done.  What do you see going around social media right now that you cannot stand?  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Work it out!

It's that time of year where we start seeing the getting ready for my beach body posts on social media.  I'm not knocking anyone working out for their specific reasons.  However, I would love to see more of us posting about other reasons for working out.  

I'm not even cute before, during, or after my workout.  In other words, you will probably never see a photo of me pre, during, or post workout.  On the other hand, you might.  My confidence is growing each day.  But here is why I workout...

I could care less about having a beach body.  I have several bathing suits and I rock them with pride.  I realize I'm a big girl and I'm comfortable with that.  It's not my fault there are a lot of people who are not comfortable with that fact.  But as for me, I'm cool.  

I'm working out because I want to be healthy.  So far, I've been blessed to not have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease - all of which run pretty deep in my family.  I didn't want that for my twenties and I definitely don't want that for my thirties.  Just yesterday, a relative of mine announced she was getting her leg amputated below the knee due to diabetes.  I don't want that for myself.  I don't want an illness to take away part of my body.  I don't want something I could have prevented taking away part of my body.  My heart goes out to my relative because she made a very tough decision, but that's just not a decision I want to ever have to make.  

Another reason I'm working out is because I have some beautiful pants in my closet that need to be worn!  I also have some beautiful dresses in my closet that need to be worn.  I know that because I'm working out to be healthy, eventually the clothes in my closet will fit again.  The clothes fitting are an added perk to my goal of being 50 lbs lighter.  I cannot get smaller in weight and not fit in those clothes.  Just not happening.  

So, here's to all the people just trying to get and stay healthy as their number one reason for working out.  Also, here's to all the people working out to get that beach body.  Another special s/o to all the people who need motivation to get moving.  I hope this post has helped you.  If you don't fall into any of those categories, well dang.  

And just a note that will lead me to a future post - why in the heck is everyone ending sentences with the word bihhh?  

Monday, February 20, 2017

How do you want it?!

I love my hair.  It's natural and it's been like that for five years next month.  I did the big chop six months later and it's already grown back.  Now, if I can just stop getting it cut, that would be awesome, but I digress.

I love my hair.  It gets on my nerves some days because it doesn't always cooperate, but we're cool with each other.  The thing is, I'm also highly protective of my hair because it works for me.  On the other hand, I'm fully aware that everyone doesn't understand the love that I have for my hair.  

Here goes the story - Friday we were going out to lunch at work.  A few of us were enjoying celebrating a birthday and our conversations started by walking in pairs.  So, I started walking with my newest coworker and we started talking about my hair.  All week I had worn a twist out and then Friday, I decided to wear the puff!  I had washed my hair and needed something quick to get me to the office.  then my coworker says something to me that could've aggravated me, but I actually found it quite hilarious.  

She asks me why I did my hair different and I told her the same thing I just told you, I washed my hair and needed something quick to get to work.  The next thing out of her mouth is, "you hair looks better like this".  

Like this?  The puff?!  That is just my fav style to wear when I need to get out the house and life has become so easy with my purchase of The Puff Cuff.  So, you who keeps your hair short because you hate the thought of doing it every single day things my simple hair style looks great?  That is the part that made me laugh.  But that also helped me to remember she really doesn't understand or know me.  

She's only been working with me for a few months in my department, even though we have worked in the same building for almost two years.  So, I wonder what she would have thought of me when I showed up to work five years ago with this bright red number?  Yep, I showed up to work with that hair color and people enjoyed it because I enjoyed it!  

And how can we forget last summer when I really wanted locs.  I decided to get faux locs to see how I like them.  Of course, I loved them, but I still haven't decided on if I am going to get the real ones or not.  

Sometimes, when I'm feeling creative, I take the time to actually style my hair!  Some weekends I take the time to twist it up real cute.  Other days I try to do a mohawk.  Then there are those days where I wear it messy because my first college roomie helped me so much embrace that style!  I am so thankful for her and she has no clue how much she helped me with that part of my hair journey.  There are those moments where I wear it really big and put a headband on it.  I've tried plenty of other styles and you are more than welcome to take a look at them on my Instagram page.    

My hair is my canvas.  Unless something happens to me, I will continue to use my hair as my canvas...no matter how people feel about what style looks better.  Did it upset me?  Actually, it didn't.  Truthfully, I wish that she would take the time to ask me about my hair so I could explain it to her.  Plus, it will give me a chance to explain to her that she might see me walk in the office in a wig.  To be honest, there is no telling how I'm going to walk into the office some days because I'm trying to get through all of 2017 without wearing extensions.  

Now, what are you doing with your hair lately?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Terrible twos

I took this hiatus because I was sick.  It was only supposed to last for a week, starting February 6 .  A chance to catch up on blogs while taking a break from my own.  Well, that was two weeks ago and this is the first post I've written since then.  A lot has happened in the past two weeks and instead of boring you with a few posts about the weeks that was, I figured a maybe not so condensed post might be more fun.  

Let's just start from the beginning.  I was sick.  OMG, I was sick.  It wasn't the flu, but I definitely was sick.  When I went to the doctor, she even was shocked that I was breathing so well because of how swollen everything was.  I have a nebulizer and I was using it religiously.  So, I missed two days of work, and went back on Wednesday.  That Thursday, I feel like I took a trip around the northern part of my state because I had three future job sites to visit.  That was fun, but it made for a long, medicated day.  However, during the long ride (because I was not able to drive), I was able to catch up on some posts and leave some comments!  That's always fun for me.  

Well, Thursday gets us to Friday.  I was so excited about Friday.  Seriously, I spent my entire day at work thrilled because of what was happening when I got off from work.  I was going to get something I have wanted for years and was just finally able to get - a dog!  She was perfect!!! A yorkie.  Sad part - I ended up having to take her back on Sunday (yes, a blessed 48 hours later) because my allergies didn't agree with her.  I was so looking forward to giving her a good home, but I know she's in good hands.  But, I do miss her so.  

In between that, I had to go check on my parents because they were both sick.  So, in total Saturday, I spent 4 hours on the road driving, still very much medicated myself.  But, I'm an only child and I needed to make sure my parents were OK.  It was just the right thing to do.  

Sunday was good.  I was able to get a pedicure.  Didn't get to go to my regular place because it was packed because I totally didn't think about people getting stuff done for Valentine's Day (we'll talk about that in a totally different post).  Basically, had to try a new place.  I was in there way longer than I expected, but those massage chairs were 

Then came Monday.  I don't dread Mondays.  Each day is a gift, even if it comes wrapped in a Monday.  But Monday of this week was a MONDAY!!!  Let's just say it like this, I spent my lunch break in my car crying instead of eating because I had an anxiety attack at work.  When I got home, I spent the next 3 hours trying to get back on track. I ate, cleaned up my kitchen, and organized my closet. However, I was so done with the day that I was in bed by 8:30.  It was some good sleep though! 

Sidenote: Now that I think about it, I've slept good all week!!!  Ok, let me get back to this regularly broadcast post. 

My anxiety attack took a lot out of me, but I decided to fight back.  I did kickboxing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My body paid for it, but I also feel so good.  Maybe that's why I've been sleeping so well.  Thursday, my buddy had to come to my office for a class and that meant we got to go out for lunch.  Hadn't seen him in a few months and he always has excellent work stories.  

That leads us to today.  Yes, I know I skipped Valentine's Day, but like I told you earlier, that's a whole 'nother post!  Today was good.  My love started his new job, a group of us went out to celebrate my boss' birthday, and my day went by super fast without any madness and even ended with me getting a good laugh at my wall buddy running to the elevator because he thought I was going to let it close before he got on.  I'm not that mean.  

Let's see what tomorrow holds.  

What's been going on with you over the past couple of weeks?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!!  

Saturday, February 4, 2017

It wasn't to my Benefit

Today, I had to do something I haven't had to do in a long time - take a product back to Ulta because it didn't work out for me!  Oh-Em-GEEEEE!!!!!!  Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but it was sort of a bummer because I really wanted this product to work for me the way it seemed to work for the young lady in the store who helped me the day I was looking at making a purchase.  

When it comes to eyeliner, I like to keep it simple - give me the marker or pen.  Yes, I'm that weird one that cannot stand the thought of a pencil coming towards her eye.  Quite frankly, I'm a fan of the felt tip eyeliner.  It just gives me all types of life!!!!  For the past few weeks, I haven't been able to find the felt tip that I wanted so I decided to try something else...and that brings us to the review I'm getting ready to do.  

Last weekend at Ulta (after the nice woman had looked in the stock room to see if they had the item I was looking for), I was pointed into the direction of an eyeliner that looked amazing.  The woman showed me how it worked and even demonstrated how good it looked on the eyes.  Yes, I'll gladly give it a try.  I've been trying to get together a small collection of eye makeup to have on me at all times for those times I'm running late and cannot do a full face, but have time to make my eyes look decent.  It was the perfect addition to my collection...so I thought.  The product was from Benefit Cosmetics and it part of the They're Real line.  I was so excited to try this eyeliner and couldn't wait to pull it out on Monday.  

Well, Monday came and I was sick.  Stayed in bed all day.  So, I couldn't wait for Tuesday.  Probably should have still been in the bed, but there was a seminar I wanted to attend so I put on some cute clothes and decided to do my eyes once I was parked in the deck.  I got on my eyeshadow and I COULD NOT WAIT to break out my eyeliner.  I even posted about it on Instagram!  I had to turn the product about twenty times to get the gel to appear (which I thought was absolutely cool because you cannot ruin this eyeliner).  First eye went smoothly.  Cleaned the tip and started on the second eye.  Not as smoothly, but we all know one eye always looks better than the other.  Within a matter of hours, my new gel eyeliner was clumpy and ugly.  

Ok, just day one and I wasn't feeling my best, so let's try again.  Started with a clean tip and just like that, it applied to my eye clumpy and ugly.  It was almost as if I hadn't cleaned it after I had finished using it Tuesday.  Had to cover it with eye shadow to make the correction.  One more time, right?  Thursday came and had the same result - a mess!!!  Friday didn't even stand a chance.  

Today, when I took it back, the lady who did my return asked me exactly why I was returning the product (well, exchanging the product) and I told her basically what I just told you.  She said I wasn't alone.  She had even tried it herself and she didn't like the product.  This afternoon, I decided to take a look at some reviews and max, the product is only getting 3.5 stars.  Maybe I should have looked at reviews before making the purchase.  

However, I don't regret making the purchase.  I tried the product and it didn't work for me, but I know of at least one person who can wear it very well.  Not bashing the product or anything, but it just didn't work out for me.  On the other hand, I'm super excited for Monday morning so I can try out my newest additions.  I'll keep you posted.  

If you are using or have used the product discussed in this post, please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.  I would love to hear from you!!! 😊