Sunday, February 26, 2017

Box of soap

Disclaimer:  This post has absolutely nothing to do with my plus size life.  This is all about stuff I'm seeing that is getting on my nerves! 

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the greatest grasp on the English language.  I know the basics to do some technical writing at work, handle some conversations at work, write this blog, and hold a conversation with some great people.  But I have to admit, there are just some things I cannot stand and I'll only talk about a couple of them right now.  

Yall, what is this?!  At the beginning of the month, I used it in a post on my Instagram and had to ask someone how to spell it.  In fact, I just went back to the post to make sure I was spelling it write for this blog post!  If you are using it instead of saying babe, really?  It's the same amount of syllables.  Ok, it was cute when we were having fun about #saltbae, but now it's just out of control.  And here lately, some of the things I've seen have just been cruel and potentially hurtful to the people they are towards. 

People, really?  If you want to say the word, just say the word.  We're all adults here and quite frankly, most kids have already heard it.  This has been showing up in the middle of sentences, at the end of sentences, and then when they are trying to make a point, put it at the beginning.  Let me give you some examples! 

"Bihhhhh, let me tell you about my day"

"I'm having a long day, bihhhh, what is going on?"

"Yall, I'm getting this money bihhhh."

In any of these sentences, could something else have been used?  Yes!  However, I guess this is a just a phase that my generation (and wannabes of my generation) want to use right now.  

Ok, my rant is now done.  What do you see going around social media right now that you cannot stand?  

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