Monday, February 20, 2017

How do you want it?!

I love my hair.  It's natural and it's been like that for five years next month.  I did the big chop six months later and it's already grown back.  Now, if I can just stop getting it cut, that would be awesome, but I digress.

I love my hair.  It gets on my nerves some days because it doesn't always cooperate, but we're cool with each other.  The thing is, I'm also highly protective of my hair because it works for me.  On the other hand, I'm fully aware that everyone doesn't understand the love that I have for my hair.  

Here goes the story - Friday we were going out to lunch at work.  A few of us were enjoying celebrating a birthday and our conversations started by walking in pairs.  So, I started walking with my newest coworker and we started talking about my hair.  All week I had worn a twist out and then Friday, I decided to wear the puff!  I had washed my hair and needed something quick to get me to the office.  then my coworker says something to me that could've aggravated me, but I actually found it quite hilarious.  

She asks me why I did my hair different and I told her the same thing I just told you, I washed my hair and needed something quick to get to work.  The next thing out of her mouth is, "you hair looks better like this".  

Like this?  The puff?!  That is just my fav style to wear when I need to get out the house and life has become so easy with my purchase of The Puff Cuff.  So, you who keeps your hair short because you hate the thought of doing it every single day things my simple hair style looks great?  That is the part that made me laugh.  But that also helped me to remember she really doesn't understand or know me.  

She's only been working with me for a few months in my department, even though we have worked in the same building for almost two years.  So, I wonder what she would have thought of me when I showed up to work five years ago with this bright red number?  Yep, I showed up to work with that hair color and people enjoyed it because I enjoyed it!  

And how can we forget last summer when I really wanted locs.  I decided to get faux locs to see how I like them.  Of course, I loved them, but I still haven't decided on if I am going to get the real ones or not.  

Sometimes, when I'm feeling creative, I take the time to actually style my hair!  Some weekends I take the time to twist it up real cute.  Other days I try to do a mohawk.  Then there are those days where I wear it messy because my first college roomie helped me so much embrace that style!  I am so thankful for her and she has no clue how much she helped me with that part of my hair journey.  There are those moments where I wear it really big and put a headband on it.  I've tried plenty of other styles and you are more than welcome to take a look at them on my Instagram page.    

My hair is my canvas.  Unless something happens to me, I will continue to use my hair as my matter how people feel about what style looks better.  Did it upset me?  Actually, it didn't.  Truthfully, I wish that she would take the time to ask me about my hair so I could explain it to her.  Plus, it will give me a chance to explain to her that she might see me walk in the office in a wig.  To be honest, there is no telling how I'm going to walk into the office some days because I'm trying to get through all of 2017 without wearing extensions.  

Now, what are you doing with your hair lately?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!  

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