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Terrible twos

I took this hiatus because I was sick.  It was only supposed to last for a week, starting February 6 .  A chance to catch up on blogs while taking a break from my own.  Well, that was two weeks ago and this is the first post I've written since then.  A lot has happened in the past two weeks and instead of boring you with a few posts about the weeks that was, I figured a maybe not so condensed post might be more fun.  

Let's just start from the beginning.  I was sick.  OMG, I was sick.  It wasn't the flu, but I definitely was sick.  When I went to the doctor, she even was shocked that I was breathing so well because of how swollen everything was.  I have a nebulizer and I was using it religiously.  So, I missed two days of work, and went back on Wednesday.  That Thursday, I feel like I took a trip around the northern part of my state because I had three future job sites to visit.  That was fun, but it made for a long, medicated day.  However, during the long ride (because I was not able to drive), I was able to catch up on some posts and leave some comments!  That's always fun for me.  

Well, Thursday gets us to Friday.  I was so excited about Friday.  Seriously, I spent my entire day at work thrilled because of what was happening when I got off from work.  I was going to get something I have wanted for years and was just finally able to get - a dog!  She was perfect!!! A yorkie.  Sad part - I ended up having to take her back on Sunday (yes, a blessed 48 hours later) because my allergies didn't agree with her.  I was so looking forward to giving her a good home, but I know she's in good hands.  But, I do miss her so.  

In between that, I had to go check on my parents because they were both sick.  So, in total Saturday, I spent 4 hours on the road driving, still very much medicated myself.  But, I'm an only child and I needed to make sure my parents were OK.  It was just the right thing to do.  

Sunday was good.  I was able to get a pedicure.  Didn't get to go to my regular place because it was packed because I totally didn't think about people getting stuff done for Valentine's Day (we'll talk about that in a totally different post).  Basically, had to try a new place.  I was in there way longer than I expected, but those massage chairs were 

Then came Monday.  I don't dread Mondays.  Each day is a gift, even if it comes wrapped in a Monday.  But Monday of this week was a MONDAY!!!  Let's just say it like this, I spent my lunch break in my car crying instead of eating because I had an anxiety attack at work.  When I got home, I spent the next 3 hours trying to get back on track. I ate, cleaned up my kitchen, and organized my closet. However, I was so done with the day that I was in bed by 8:30.  It was some good sleep though! 

Sidenote: Now that I think about it, I've slept good all week!!!  Ok, let me get back to this regularly broadcast post. 

My anxiety attack took a lot out of me, but I decided to fight back.  I did kickboxing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My body paid for it, but I also feel so good.  Maybe that's why I've been sleeping so well.  Thursday, my buddy had to come to my office for a class and that meant we got to go out for lunch.  Hadn't seen him in a few months and he always has excellent work stories.  

That leads us to today.  Yes, I know I skipped Valentine's Day, but like I told you earlier, that's a whole 'nother post!  Today was good.  My love started his new job, a group of us went out to celebrate my boss' birthday, and my day went by super fast without any madness and even ended with me getting a good laugh at my wall buddy running to the elevator because he thought I was going to let it close before he got on.  I'm not that mean.  

Let's see what tomorrow holds.  

What's been going on with you over the past couple of weeks?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!!  


  1. Hey, this was really good.. You are very talented and your style of writing is really enticing. Don’t give up!! Maybe you could head over to my blog and see what you think?

  2. Thank you! I will definitely be going to check out your blog!


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