Friday, March 31, 2017

Seven things I hate about blogging

Blogging is such a wonderful experience.  I get to be myself, except for using an alias.  I get to share some of my deepest feelings with you.  Also, I get the chance to meet some really amazing bloggers and just other people on social media in general.  On the other hand, like with all things in life, there are some things I honestly do not like about being a blogger.  I know, I know...hard to believe, right?  How can something I love to do so much have these elements that just get under my skin?  Simple answer - I'm human and I like what I like.  

1 - Cliques
I have just come to the conclusion that cliques are everywhere in life.  I have found this particularly interesting in tweetchats.  Although I LOVE them and even do one of my own, I've found that some people (even some hosts), just stick to chatting it up with people they know.  While I'm participating and definitely when I'm hosting, I try to spread the love.  I mean, how else are we going to get to know each other and help each other out?

2 - Follow / Unfollow
Straight up, this madness just needs to stop.  It's absolutely annoying and I have no time for games.  And for the people who do this, do you not think we don't realize who you are and what you are doing?  You show up in my feed each week on Twitter and Instagram.  This makes it hard for us sincere bloggers make connections because we're trying to figure out who is playing.  Seriously, just stop.  

3 - Writer's Block
This is horrible.  This is even more horrible when this doesn't match the time I'm taking breaks.  I love taking small breaks and not the month long hiatus I used to take.  However, there is always a fellow blogger who helps me get back on track - even when they don't realize it.  

4 - Grammar Police
I think I see this more from people who don't blog.  As bloggers, we have unique writing styles.  I will be the first to admit that I don't always use proper grammar.  It's not because I don't know how to use it, it's because I want to keep my blog fun and enjoyable for anyone.  I'm not hear (yep, I did that) to write an English paper.  I'm here to write and get some stuff off my chest.  

5 - Drop Outs by Default
Ok, I guess you want me to explain this one.  Say if you have committed to something and you just ignore the deadline and the follow up.  That's weird to me.  This is for anything in life, but especially blogging.  Schedules get made and then you have to rearrange things.  It can be annoying, but it also teaches you to sort of blog on your feet!  I know that we all get busy and that is cool, especially for us part-time bloggers, but a simple email or tweet letting us know that you can no longer participate would be nice.  

6 - Location
This one, I cannot help.  I have a bunch of UK bloggers on my radar, but only a few in the US.  Just recently, I've been lucky to make contact with a few bloggers in my area and that is really cool.  I wish we could get together and do something for the US bloggers the way that the UK bloggers rock out for each other.  Might really have to consider this because I would absolutely love to meet some of you in person!  

7 - Stealing
If you get an idea from someone, just give them credit.  I think it is great to give other bloggers credit.  First, it gives you a chance to let the other blogger know you have read their material and obviously like what they have done.  Also, it gives you a chance to get to know other bloggers in their community.  It's all about working together, not taking credit for something you didn't do.  Even if you cannot remember where you got the idea from (which has definitely happened to me), at least acknowledge that you got it from somewhere.  

💚       💚       💚

There you have it.  Just a few things I don't like about blogging.  Honestly, I think this is all the negative things I have to say.  However, if I ever do a seven things I love about blogging, I might just have to do several posts because it is definitely more than seven.  

So, what is something you don't like about blogging?


  1. Stealing is my blogging pet hate I've had two people steal and copy my posts before and it's horrible x

    1. What?! That is horrible!!! What were you able to do about it?

  2. The follow/unfollow game drives me MAD! I've never had any of my content stolen luckily, but I know someone who has and it just made us all SO angry! x

  3. Totally agree with these! As much as I love Blogging, I have quite a few pet hates too haha! xx


  4. You're right, blogging is something I absolutely love. But with all things, there are a few dark spaces.

  5. Complete agree with this post! X


  6. I hard the follow unfollow thing too! Some people get too caught up in their followers count! But whatever floats their boat! At least when they unfollow they're showing they weren't genuine anyway so who cares if you have one less inauthentic person having around? Lol


    1. When I first started blogging, I had the idea wrong and was determined to have a huge following on Twitter. I learned that with good content, it would come, but not overnight. I enjoy the followers I have on all my social media because I can interact with them and try to get to know them. But you are absolutely right, it is better to not have a "fake" person around.