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The Puff Cuff Review

Disclaimer:  I have not been paid to endorse this product.  This is something that was recommended to me and I decided to give it a try.  Post is NOT sponsored! 

The week of March 6 - March 10, I decided to dedicate my week to wearing hair styles I could only accomplish with the help of my puff cuff.  I've had my family (yes, I ordered the seven cuffs family pack) of puff cuffs for about a month and been playing around with styles.  Well, this was the week I really decided to put them to the test - getting up to style my hair before work and seeing how much time it would take or if my styling would cause me to run into traffic because it took too long.  

Let me get something out of the way - although this is a hair post, I'm not talking products.  I want this post to be totally dedicated to The Puff Cuff.  However, I will give you information concerning products upon request.  Also, it is important for you to know that I have 4b / 4c natural hair.  It's thick, coily, and most days it does whatever it feels like doing.      

Now, without further ado, let's talk about my week in my cuffs!  Ah yes, to make my mornings easier, each night I divide my hair into what I call the four corners and have four double strand (yes, they are thick) twists.  Don't worry, you can sleep on these with no problem.  Ok, now that we talked about what I do at night, let's get to this work day style!   


This was a last minute decision for this style.  Like, when I say last minute decision, I was getting ready to style it into something else and when I got in the first cuff, I just sort of went with it.  I have NEVER finger curled my hair because I do not have the patience for it, but for these bangs, I was able to manage.  In order to get this style, I only had to use the junior size.  So, you see I basically put my hair in a puffy ponytail and let my coils do the rest.  The second half of my hair was left to just freely do its own thing.  The best part, I worked out while keeping this style - just pinned up the bangs and broke a solid sweat for 30 minutes.  This style was a hit at the office and it lasted all day - even in the AM rain that was totally unexpected!  So, this might be something I do again...might even finger twist this hair all over, but let me not get ahead of myself.  Don't worry, if I decide to do that, there will be a post!   


You will be happy to know that I knew what style I was wearing to work the night before.  No last minute decisions, just something simple.  Plus, this worked out great because I slept in an extra ten minutes and didn't want to rush through anything else.  What you have probably noticed is that I have on two different outfits.  Yes, two!  Why?  Well, my puff stood the test of time and got me through my work day, as well as an impromptu night out (with a workout in between).  How awesome is that?  My puff survived the entire day, without giving me a headache.  I'm a migraine sufferer, so having to keep my hair in that giant band all day was not the business.  However, I don't be in a rush to my car after work to give my hair a break because the puff cuff doesn't hurt my edges or give me a headache.  Quite frankly, I can't even tell it is in my head with this style, which is a far cry from how the rubber band had me feeling.  To achieve this look, I used the puff cuff original size.  Also, it was raining while I was walking back to my car after my evening out and it didn't matter because I was on my way home, but my hair remained perfectly fine.   


My favorite day of the week had finally arrived and I tried my hand at the beautiful mohawk.  To achieve the bump up front, I just used a few clips.  I had on jeans that day, so I decided to wear blue clips to go along with the outfit.  I like this style because it is so least to me it is.  I ended up using three different size clips (junior, mini, and micro) for this look and it all depended on how much I grabbed in my hands.  I had to keep fluffing it before I left my place in the morning, but this style stayed up all day!  I didn't work out Wednesday, but I did come in and do a lot of house work.  I tend to do my best cleaning when I'm aggravated and Wednesday, I was on level leave me the hell alone!  However, even after sweating through cleaning, my hair stayed up.  If I had wanted to go out afterwards, all I would have had to do was add some moisturizer and leave!  


For the life of me, I could not get this styled right!  People at the office loved it, but I feel like I could have done better.  Ok, maybe it isn't the style, but if I would have had some cute clips to add to my hair.  Got it - I know what I'm adding to my shopping list for my next hair trip.  This style was actually quite simple, until it was time for me to use my puff cuff clamp.  Not because the clamp was hard to use, but I was trying to hold a puff, hold together very loose twists, and get my hair to meet where I needed it to meet.  After a brief fight, everything finally got into place!  Actually, my favorite part about this style is the two twists up front.  I think it just added something to the regular fro or puff I could have worn.  The puff cuff stayed in place, even though it was going around the two twists.  I tried two sizes during the styling process, but I ended up going with the mini.  I'm guessing had I done more puff and less twists, the junior would have been needed.  Again, it's all about how much hair you grab!  


I think I saved my cutest style for the weekend.  Or maybe it was the fact I had an event at work.  I don't know, but I really enjoyed this look!!!  The puff in the back was achieved by using the junior size.  Again, it all depends on how much hair you want to put up.  I started my style by doing the puff.  Once in, I did some finger twists in the front to give the people something to look at.  Due to it actually storming when I left for the office, I really didn't want to fight my hair in my face, so I decided to pull all of it towards the puff.  I'm sure it would have looked great leaving some of the twists down up front, but we'll just have to find out later.  This style lasted through a workout as well.  I didn't feel like taking it down because I was just tired.  However, it does feel great to know that if I had needed to run an errand after working out, my hair would have still looked fine!  Nothing a few sprays of moisturizer cannot fix!  

💗   💗   💗

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was my week in the puff cuff!  Each style that you see was complete in twenty minutes or less.  Keep in mind, I told you what I do at night to make my hair and I get along better in the mornings.  Depending on what you do to your hair at night will determine the outcome of your morning routine.  

So, what do I think of this product?  In my opinion, this product is a lifesaver!!!  My hair doesn't get pulled out, I don't have a headache at the end of the day, and it's super simple to use.  It honestly doesn't get much better than that!  Also, if you like that extra bit of sleep in the mornings, this product makes those extra ten minutes possible because styling hair has been made so simple.  

If you are up to trying something new to help you style your hair, I highly recommend the puff cuff.  Please take a moment to visit there website.  There is so much on their page, including a blog and styling tips!  Someone recommended this product to me and I am so happy I listened to them!  Now, it's my turn to pass along the recommendation to you!  Happy styling!!!  


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