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Classy, with a sprinkle of salt

Today is Easter Sunday!  Resurrection Sunday!  Whatever your church dubs it, we Christians believe that He is risen!  And that will end my religious portion of this post...I think.

This year for Lent, I gave up my prime TV watching hours of 5pm to 8pm (all times EST).  That's when I would be home from work, getting settled and just turn on the TV to binge watch something until it was time for me to go to bed.  Eating, washing dishes, getting in a workout, and blogging in between.  But for the past forty days, I have enjoyed those three hours without the television.  Want to know what I did during this time?  Let's talk about it.  

💗             💗             💗

~~~ Music ~~~
I took this time to sift through some of Amazon's playlist and find some music that had me saying how have I not heard this song before?  I really enjoyed just having the music on and letting it take me to a place of absolute freedom.  I love lyrics and I don't care how sick your beat is, if your lyrics are trash, I can't deal.  I've also enjoyed getting back in touch with some sounds I had forgotten.  It's just something about music that takes me away.

~~~ The Blog ~~~
I am happy to say that I made some decisions concerning The Plus Diaries.  With this seemingly extra time I had in my day, I felt so compelled to write.  I had all these ideas, but I knew yall didn't feel like hearing from me daily and I knew that although I wanted to write, I might not be able to do so.  It was during this time I was finally able to sit down and come up with a blogging schedule that seems to be working for far.  We're only a couple of weeks in, but I'm really enjoying the results and the stability of knowing when posts are going to be going live!  I'm sure it has made it easier for you to keep up with me as well.

~~~ Workouts ~~~
My workouts have been fierce!  Why?  Well, I wasn't worried about what show I was missing or how my not binge watching would get me off track.  The only thing I was focused on was getting healthier and making sure I was working out correctly.  Also, it made me get my mind back focused on my 2017 in 2017.  I don't think there is a post about it yet, but it will be coming once it is complete.  

~~~ Art ~~~
Well, thanks to my artsy coworker, I ordered something that will help me with my art skills.  Now I just need to buy me some more paper.  I also decided that I wanted to try to actually start putting some of my designs and layouts in a notebook.  Not everything is going to be perfect and I would love to see my progressions.  I'm really excited about getting started on my perspective pieces and maybe (just maybe) you will get a sneak peak!  

~~~ Friendships ~~~ 
This quiet time has allowed me to re-evaluate some of the people in my life.  It's amazing what you hear when the world around you is quiet.  I'm so thankful for my sister / manager and my mentor because they have been so instrumental in this process, especially after I received a text a few weeks ago that just floored me.  

~~~ Faith ~~~
Ok, so one more plug about my Christian religion.  When you take the time to really talk to God, He will talk back to you and it will be so clear.  I knew something was wrong with a friend of mine before we even got to work that Monday morning.  I knew when he text me Monday morning that there was a problem.  People do not just be lingering on your mind for nothing.  Listen to what He has to say because He's either leading someone (something) to you or leading your towards someone (something).  

~~~ Responsibility ~~~ 
I now feel a greater responsibility to constantly take care of myself, no matter who gets left behind.  This time made me realize it was time to get serious about doing some things that I've been wanting to do with this blog and reconnect with some people who may be able to help.  I have a responsibility to myself to at least try and to make sure I get things completed that need to be completed because I'm trying to leave a legacy.

💗             💗             💗

I'm telling you, it's truly amazing what taking three hours a day to unplug from something can do to you!  The change has been wonderful.  It's been so wonderful, I can actually see myself doing this at least three times a week.  Nothing wrong with continuing to have quiet time away from the madness.  

So, for those of you who think what I did for forty days was strange or lame, I have a question for you - what have you done lately to better yourself, without trying or feeling the need to tear someone down for making a positive change in their life?  


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