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Finding Me

Disclaimer: In this post, we're talking religion.  As I always do, I let you know so that you can stop reading now or choose to keep going.  I'm a Christian, so this post will be based on that.  If this post isn't for you, I totally understand and looking forward to you being able to enjoy some more of my posts. 

It's Palm Sunday.  One more week left in Lent and I am proud to say that I've stuck to what I gave up!  It's been amazingly refreshing and I can honestly tell you that my eyes are a bit more open now.  What I gave up for Lent was simple, but it allowed me to get some things accomplished and get started on some projects I have been putting off.  But here is another thing about giving things up for Lent, people don't always understand.  

I can't really pinpoint where it started back again, but I know for certain in 2015, I seriously made an effort to get back on track with my religious and spiritual life.  This is not me saying that I still don't have questions - this is me saying I'm trying to get back on a stable track.  I remember my former pastor saying something to tune of what can you do to get one step closer to God?  

I'll never be perfect, but I can do better.  So in 2016, I decided to change one thing that would get me closer in my walk with Jesus.  I decided to work on my road rage.  I know that may not be a lot to you, but for me, that is something major.  When I'm behind the wheel of a car, I use words I wouldn't use in my daily language, but I worked on that - I'm still working on that. 

Midway through the year, as much as I hate to admit it, something went down at my former church.  I won't discuss it, but I do not feel it was handled appropriately.  I also believe when you are in tune with your spiritual well-being, you are shown things that other people won't understand.  In other words, you will see people for who they really are and situations for what they are truly meant to be.  

In November, I started attending a new church.  I'm still attending.  Haven't joined, but I'm going consistently.  The pastor made reference to Easter in February and I was really compelled to do give up something for Lent! That thing I gave up is what brings me to this post.  

I believe God works in levels.  When He's ready to elevate you, I believe He starts to show you who can and cannot be around.  I believe He shows you people for who they really are.  And most important, I believe He gives you the chance to make the changes before He starts to make them for you.  

So, for those of you in my circle, when (not if, because I know what I need to do) you see me start to fall back, let me fall.  I'm putting distance between myself and you because it is what is best for me.  And right now, at this point in my life, what is best for me is all that really matters.  

In anything you've had going on in life, are there some people you have had to let go of?  Leave a comment and tell your story!  


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