Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My name is Shayla and I'm a #psblogger

Tragically and without me really seeing it, my blog - this blog- stopped doing what it was supposed to do, featuring my plus size life.  I was doing Backstage Pass and featuring plus females in the industry (because I cannot seem to get males to be part of it).  I was talking about pop-culture.  I was talking about what I thought would get me more popular.  Then one day, I sat down and looked at my blog heading and the description and realized that blog doesn't exist anymore.  

That realization hurt.  It hurt because, at the time, 3 years of my journey had turned into a few months of posts dedicated to getting blog hits. That's not what this blog was intended to be about and it for dang sure wasn't what I wanted it to be about.  This brings me to today's posts.  

In the last quarter of 2016, I was determined to make a change and get this blog back to its roots.  I wanted it to stand out, but I also wanted it to be a reflection of me.  I'm a plus size woman.  I'm thick.  I'm chunky.  I'm a lover of food.  I'm all the cruel things society thinks of me.  I'm the DUFF.  But underneath all the skin, at the end of the day, I'm Shayla.  

Yes, I'm Shayla.  The woman who enjoys wearing cute clothes, making sure my face is flawless (with or without makeup), who loves wearing cute shoes, and loves to be in front of the camera.  I'm also Shayla, the (unorthodox) introvert.  Then, let me introduce you to Shayla, the anxiety sufferer.  Before I forget, there is also Shayla, the music lover.  And I do all this while being a plus size woman.  So why in the world did I stop calling myself what I was?  What I am...

a #psblogger?

I actually posted that hashtag on twitter a few weeks ago and someone actually asked me what it was.  Honestly, I wasn't that shocked they didn't know because it's not a hashtag commonly used.  For some reason, there is a stigma behind showcasing the fact you are plus size blogger because some brands don't want to work with you because you don't fit their look.  Cool, fine with me.  Some days, I don't fit my own look, but I still rock the hell out of whatever I'm wearing, clothing and makeup wise.  

I'm proud of who I am of the community I represent.  I carry myself well and I think I have finally proven to myself that I don't need a single digit size dress to validate myself or how I feel.  I'm Shayla.  I'm a plus size woman and I'm just happy to be a blogger.  A #psblogger with so many more stories to tell.  

What have you learned about yourself that no longer makes you ashamed?

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