Friday, April 14, 2017

NYX lip week

Unless you have been hiding out for the past few months, you know the new love I have for the NYX collection of lip shades.  OMG - I'm in love with these colors and their feels!  I typically shy away from lipsticks and their products are no different.  I just haven't found a lipstick I enjoy.  But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I think I finally found a brand that has the colors I love, at the right price, and that make me feel amazing just wearing them.

Last week, I tasked myself with wearing a different shade each day.  That was a bit difficult because that meant I had to wear the proper outfit...and it didn't always match.  But, this post isn't about my clothes.  It's about my lips.  I'll save my clothes for another week.  

As you can see, there was some red in my shirt (and I had on red capri pants).  However, I didn't want to go for my RED lips because there was an event at work and I thought it would be too much.  I went for a red, but something different.  I used, from the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme collection, the shade Madrid.  It went one extremely well and even when it faded, you could still tell what color it was.  I only reapplied this shade once throughout the day.  You can probably see a glossy hint, but that is because I had a clear gloss underneath.  It lasted until I was ready to do a touch up and went perfect with what I was wearing.  

Well Tuesday, was a bit interesting.  Typically, I wear this shade with another shade of blue for a two-tone look or with a shade of purple to go all goth.  This was the first day I actually wore this shade solo and I was surprised by the response.  I thought people were going to look at me crazy at work, but someone told me that the dark color brought out my features and even gave the illusion that I actually had on makeup.  I guess I will need to try this shade with some makeup.  Hmmm....another post maybe?  From the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme collection, I present to you Moscow.  Although I did use a gloss under this as well, it didn't stay glossy.  Also, I had to keep reapplying during the day because during the drinking water process and eating lunch, it didn't last.  Honestly, that is the only problem I have with this shade, it doesn't last the whole day.  I know I applied about four times, and once was to take the picture because I took it in the afternoon.  

Let me introduce you to Sydney, from the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme collection.  I love this shade.  Weird part?  I actually think this shade looks better on me the more it started to fade.  It's a bit light for what I usually wear, but I'm trying new things because I want to have a more carefree style in all that I do.  This shade lasted and I found it to be very fun.  I'm really looking forward to wearing this shade again and pairing it an outfit that is near to the same color.  Yes, I applied a gloss beneath this shade, simple because I like the glossy look.  The only thing I didn't enjoy from this shade is that it did seem to dry out my lips.  I figure adding a simple moisturizer will alleviate that problem.

It's probably a bit difficult to tell in the photos, but this is actually a shade of purple.  From the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme collection, this color is Seoul.  This was another shade I was afraid to wear, but it worked for me.  Honestly, as the day went out, I liked the shade better.  It lasted during my lunch trip and even though it wasn't as glossy as the morning time, the color still remained.  Typically, I pair this shade with another color to make it darker, but I think I can get used to wearing this alone on my lips.  

The day we've all been waiting for.  You need to understand that when I bought this color, I was afraid of it.  It's a deep red.  Even though my favorite color is red, I just didn't think I had the right lips for it.  Remember Monday's color?  Well, I like that one better than what I had on.  Breaking away from the matte tradition of the week, I broke out Cherry Custard from the NYX Intense Butter Gloss collection!  Yall, this shade lasts all day!!!  Didn't reapply once!!!  Underneath is a moisturizer and gloss, but it lasted though a morning snack, lunch, and two large cups of green tea!  I guess I need to go buy more from this collection since the staying power is so amazing!  

💄             💄             💄

There you have it!  My week wearing five different shades from NYX Cosmetics!  I am so in love with their shades and I cannot wait to buy more and (maybe) share some of them with you.  

What is your favorite lip shade or shades?  

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