Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Take the floor

I know how this post is going to sound.  As I type, I'm also prepping myself for the backlash this may cause.  I'm prepping myself for some of you to start your efforts at blackballing me from the blogging world.  I'm prepping for some of you to agree with what I'm saying.  I'm prepping for some of you to send me messages because you don't want others to know you agree.  I'm prepping to have to do a follow up.  Yep, seems like a lot for this little post I'm about to deliver, but this is pretty heavy.  

Brands!  Not everyone starts blogging to do this.  I know I didn't.  However, I have always thought it would be cool to say I got the chance to work with _____________.  I'm not looking for anything for free - you can see that from my posts.  Anytime I've ever mentioned a product, I've gladly purchased them, used them, then told you how I felt about them.  You can check out my most recent post about a product right here.  I've spent countless money on hair products, makeup products, and other things I enjoy because I'm going to use them anyway.  This blog is just a platform I get to use to express my feelings towards those products, even the ones that I have found to not be for me.  

I realize this is a small blog.  Honestly, I enjoy the intimacy of it.  When it starts to grow bigger, I will also appreciate more people seeing my posts and, of course, love the opportunity to interact with more people.  But what I will not do is change this blog to fit in with a brand or product that will only work with me if I do or say certain things.  

They have a brand.  I have a brand.  My brand is this blog.  My brand is all my social media.  I can't and I won't compromise that because it's special to me.  I get they are looking for certain looks or styles of blogs, but here is my question for you - doesn't it get boring working with the same people (and by same people, I mean people who fit into your cookie-cutter mold)?  They're always looking for people who do things outside of the box, but stay in their own box when it comes to finding people.  

So you don't select me because I didn't post about beauty on Instagram for 5 days straight?  Did it occur to you that maybe on Wednesday, I didn't feel beautiful or that I overslept on Friday and was concerned about getting to my day job on time?  Heck, did it occur to you that I woke up with something else on my mind and didn't want to post what lip shade I wore that day?  You don't pick me because I don't do a proper flatlay (which can get dull, by the way)?  Or here is my all time favorite one - you don't pick me because I don't have a certain amount of followers on my social media, but you love selecting those who pay for their huge following. 

(this is were if I were Kermit, I would take a break to go sip some tea 🍵)  

Fine, don't pick me!  I'll HAPPILY stay right here with my loyal readers and my loyal followers and produce content (whatever I decide for that to be) that gives it to you straight, no chaser.  Some of us are only asking for a chance to do something a little extra.  Not about the money, but to show people that we can do something else other than just write about our lives and the things we see around us.  Now, which one of you are going to step out the box you want your bloggers to step out of and give one of us a chance?  

The floor is yours!   

Bloggers, what is your major pet peeve when it comes to not getting the chance to work with a brand?  Send me an email if you want to remain anonymous.  

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