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Hair Wars

We are coming to the time of year where I really want to do something different to my hair.  Typically, by this time, I already have some type of extensions - twists, locs, braids, something!  But this year, I vowed that I would not put any long-term extensions in my hair.  Just one problem - I live in the south and it has been humid since it decided to be Spring in February.  OMG...

My hair has struggled in this humidity.  I wanted my hair straight for my birthday dinner and it was just like the lady hadn't spent two hours glamming my hair up.  It was puffy within hours, but I still made it work.  I wrapped it and I still had to do my hair in the AM before going to work.  But it did allow me to break out my crimp iron.  Hey, at least they are making a minor comeback.  

I have natural 4b/4c hair and it is jet black!  Seriously, it is so black that hair professionals have asked me what dye I use on my hair to get it that color.  I love how dark my hair is and it makes those gray tres…

New nail adventures

I just adore each one of you.  OMG - you all make me wan to keep writing when I'm having a bad day or when I'm just feeling like giving up.  I hate that I don't know each one of you, but I hope that in some small way, you have gotten to know me just by reading this blog.  However...there are a few of you who do know me personally and you have known me for a while.  For those of you who go all the way back before this blog was this blog, you know a certain thing about me - I love me some manicures and pedicures.  If you're really close to me, you know I haven't had a decent manicure since 2009.  I have an announcement...

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try out a new place in my current city.  I went to Alicia B Nail Bar.  Since it was my first time going, I didn't make an appointment.  I didn't know what I was going to walk into and if the vibe didn't feel right, I wasn't going to stay.  When I walked in, I noticed the decor a…

Man, it was an interesting week

It was a pretty interesting week for dudes last week.  Strange opening, I know, but just follow me here.  There were a couple of things trending.  Oh snaps, let me clear up something -  

I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm a female plus size blogger.
Ok, back to my post already in progress...
Where were we?  Oh yes, trending.  There is a male romper out on the market now, or is it coming soon.  Let me just say I wasn't feeling it.  I don't know if it were the models (because everyone cannot wear everything), the prints, or a combo of both.  But I will admit, when I saw the camo print, I was hooked!  Now, I can't see anyone in my family wearing it (honestly, we're just big people and I'm scared to wear a jumpsuit myself), but if you have the body for it or just want to try it out, here is my suggestion...

I mean, people are always looking for the latest trends on the runway and some of that stuff you know good and well you wouldn't wear out in p…

I had a blast

This time last week I was still recovering from the high I experienced from the concert the night before.  I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Mary J. Blige and her opening act of Joe in living color.  OMG - it was so much fun and my outfit wasn't too bad either.  

I think we all know the drama she has going on in her life right now, but when she did No More Drama aka my favorite song from her, she absolutely slayed!!!  When Joe closed out his segment, he ended with I Wanna Know and that absolutely made my night.  

A special THANK YOU to Colonial Life Arena for the contest that allowed me to win my tickets!  And if you were wondering about my outfit, here is where you can get all the pieces...

Top and SLAY clutch: Ashley Stewart Jeans: Old Navy Shoes: Shoe Carnival

Get to know me!

I have found that one of my favorite things to do as a blogger is to participate in tags!  I love it when people tag me because the questions are different and give me a chance to step out of my box for a moment.  Well, that time has come again.  I was tagged by the amazing Toya from Hello Toya.  Thanks to her, you are all about to get to know me just a little bit better!  Here we go....

Name: Shayla Emaleigh Bryant
Twitter handle: @TheShaylaEm
1 - What is your biggest pet peeve? I have a few, but my absolute biggest is people who don't have any respect for my time.  If you going to be late, cool, but at least let someone know.  I can't stand that!!!
2 - Ever been in love? Honestly, I don't think I have.  This is a hard one, but that's the honest answer.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling some type of way about my current relationship because I'm experiencing emotions I've never had to deal with before. Hmmm...maybe I'm currently in love. 
3 - Grab the…

Mother of None

A few weeks ago, I was given an early Mother's Day gift.  I took the gift (because they were insistent), but then I had to nicely explain that I don't celebrate the holiday.  I mean, if people tell me Happy Mother's Day, I will at least acknowledge the day, but Shayla doesn't celebrate.  

For those of you new to The Plus Diaries, welcome.  Please let me explain - 12 years ago, I delivered a still born baby boy.  The nurses let me have him in the room with me the rest of the day (when I wanted him in there) and then at the stroke of midnight, they took him away for me to never see him again.  

I don't feel like a mom.  I love kids and I love the kiddos of my friends, but as I've gotten older and reality starts to set in, I just don't ever think I'll be celebrating a Mother's Day of my own.  As long as my mom is living, the holiday is fair game, but after that (unless something changes), it will be classified as just another day in my blogging neighborh…

More than you know

If you're looking for a long post right now, this isn't going to be it!  However, I did want to share something with you that made me feel really great.  

For the past couple of weeks, I've been experiencing my version of radio silence.  I've been keeping to myself and just trying to focus on my life and all that happening around me.  Sometimes, we are moving so quickly, we don't really enjoy what is happening.  That caused my anxiety level to build to a point of where I just needed to stop because I knew that the world around me couldn't.  In my moment of solitude, I learned something though - 

your friends still want to be there!  

I had several people reach out to me and one friend even saw me while I was having lunch with my coworkers.  However, I just couldn't bring myself out of what I am experiencing.  Then during a conversation over the weekend, a friend of mine said something that was too sweet and meant more than she realizes...
"I hate when you …


Typically, I already have something planned to tell you.  Ok, not really planned, but at least I have ideas in my blog journal.  Right now, I don't have anything and I think I know why....

my mind is all over the place!!!
Seriously, I cannot believe the stuff happening in my head right now.  I'm thinking about so much stuff!  Once my supplies arrived (the ones that had to be ordered), I'm going to start working on party favors, I am desperately trying to come up with a logo for this page, and I'm just wanting to not look so scattered when people see me out in public.  Is that too much to ask?

Don't get me wrong, everything I am doing right now, I asked for.  I'm not complaining.  I just didn't think it would all come to me so fast...or at the same time.  I know this sounds weird, but it is a beautiful place to be.  I told you about my May goals in a previous post, but I have one more I need to add to the list 
6 - to be as creative as possible without being hin…

Not even flat

Those of you keeping up with me on Instagram know that I've been working to lose some weight this year.  I know people set goals each month, but I haven't.  I have a goal to be fifty pounds lighter by my next birthday.  Basically, I have until the middle of March next year to reach that goal and I've already lost almost eleven pounds.

The first day of the month is always weigh day.  Yep, I only weight myself once a month...unless I have a trip to the doctor.  Since more are digital scales now where I go, I just don't look and I will ask them to not tell me because I'm trying not to psych myself out.  Well, on May 1, I stepped on the scale and to my happiness, I hadn't gained any weight.  Yup, I'm always scared of that.  However, I hadn't lost any weight either.  The dreaded plateau has officially arrived. 
I bet you're thinking she flipped out.  I probably would have, but I didn't because something really wonderful happened - I was able to fit int…

Growing like a weed

The blogging world can be so cool when you need help.  When I started this blog, I was just writing.  I wasn't concerned about traffic coming to my site.  I had no desire to reach a certain amount of post visits.  I didn't even think about having a proper heading.  I just wanted to write and share some thoughts with you.  

Somewhere along the way, someone wanted to share my blog.  Pause - thank you to all of you who have shared my blog.  I'm not complaining, it just made me think a a lot bigger about what I wanted my blog to be.  That's absolutely cool, right?  

As I approach four years of having this baby, I have to say I have learned so much.  I have been involved in tweet chats, used Bloglovin to help get my blog to more people, and discovered how to make my own banners and graphics for social media (still learning).  Then there was my nemesis - Instagram.

Although I use my writing name on Instagram, I never thought about using it in conjunction with my blog.  Sometime…


It has been a solid month that I jumped into the world of having an actual blog schedule.  When I first started this adventure, I just figured I would write when I felt like it and the rest would be easy.  Well, as I started to get more involved in my blog and wanted to do more things with my blog, I quickly learned that wasn't the case.  

If you were counting, by October of last year, I was writing my 100th post of the year.  I had a busy writing year.  This year, I said that I would be fine with just writing 60 times in this blog (which would basically give me 5 posts a month).  That was all well and good until I realized I have a lot more to say than that would allow.  
Then, it started happening - I started not wanting to write when I got home from work.  I would draft stuff during my lunch break and then just look at it when I got home.  Not cool, right?  That is when I figured, if I am going to keep my blog going, I need to do something different.  That basically was the birth…

Music Monday - April Edition

Another month has passed - what the what - and that means another great month of music.  Here is what I was listening to in April.  Of course, this is in absolutely no particular order. 

♭             ♭             ♭ 

Private Emotion by Ricky Martin ft. Meja So, this song is old, but it's so good!  I love the song and when it came up on my mix, it was so good to hear.  In fact, I might have held a small concert.
Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart by Alicia Keys A friend of mine also loves to post music she is listening to at the moment and she posted this one.  It reminded me of exactly how much I used to love this song.  I listened to it several times at work that day and did an encore performance when I got home at night.  
Believer by Imagine Dragons Ok, I'm a fan of this group and every song I've heard on the radio has been great.  Basically, this is a group that I wouldn't mind going to see in concert.
Anonymous by Bobby Valentino Yes, I realize he is going by Bobby V. now, …