Friday, May 5, 2017

Growing like a weed

The blogging world can be so cool when you need help.  When I started this blog, I was just writing.  I wasn't concerned about traffic coming to my site.  I had no desire to reach a certain amount of post visits.  I didn't even think about having a proper heading.  I just wanted to write and share some thoughts with you.  

Somewhere along the way, someone wanted to share my blog.  Pause - thank you to all of you who have shared my blog.  I'm not complaining, it just made me think a a lot bigger about what I wanted my blog to be.  That's absolutely cool, right?  

As I approach four years of having this baby, I have to say I have learned so much.  I have been involved in tweet chats, used Bloglovin to help get my blog to more people, and discovered how to make my own banners and graphics for social media (still learning).  Then there was my nemesis - Instagram.

Although I use my writing name on Instagram, I never thought about using it in conjunction with my blog.  Sometime last year, that absolutely changed.  However, it was so annoying trying to get traffic to my Instagram page.  I mean, I was getting traffic to my blog and using Twitter to promote, but it wasn't enough.  So, I went on the hunt.   

All you have to do is ask and if you ask nicely, people will be willing to help.  I got some great help with my Instagram page from some cool bloggers who were willing to help.  Then, as people starting posting more about how they found Instagram success, I had more blogs to read to help me.  

This brings us to right now!  I took some of the ideas I liked (and quite frankly, figured would be easy for me to do) and started to put them into action in April.  Along with my new blog schedule, I'm finally gaining some ground on Instagram.  Now, I don't have a thousand followers (yet), but I am more than halfway there and almost one hundred of them happened in April.  So, how did I do it?  

1 - Consistency
This is so key!!!  I now post to my Instagram page at least once a day at 9:30am EST.  Now, I post other stuff throughout the day, but the post that goes along with my blog goes up at this time.  It's something I have enjoyed doing during the month of April  And you are probably wondering how I manage to pull this off.  Well, I use Buffer to help me set up my page and it has been awesome.  But, this is not the post to go into that, so I'll keep moving.  

2 - Hashtags
Ok, I'm still working on this one.  I'm trying to find the perfect blend of get what I want across with a dash of let's not get out of control.  So far, it seems to be working good for me, as I work through the balancing act.  I'll keep you posted on this topic as more details become available.  

3 - Connect With People
Ironically, I use the hashtags to make this happen.  If I'm tagging something I'm interested in, I like to see what other people are tagging as well.  I don't always leave a comment, unless something just really jumps out at me.  But you will be surprised at what a simple like can do.  

Alright, that's all I have right now.  I hope these three tips can get you started.  Yes, I have so much more to share, but right now, these are getting me through.  As I learn more, I'll be happy to share with you.  Also, if you have a question about how I am doing, don't hesitate to ask.  You know I love connecting with you on here!!! 

What one tip helped you to grow your audience - no matter the social media platform?

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