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Man, it was an interesting week

It was a pretty interesting week for dudes last week.  Strange opening, I know, but just follow me here.  There were a couple of things trending.  Oh snaps, let me clear up something -  

I'm fully aware of the fact that I'm a female plus size blogger.

Ok, back to my post already in progress...

Where were we?  Oh yes, trending.  There is a male romper out on the market now, or is it coming soon.  Let me just say I wasn't feeling it.  I don't know if it were the models (because everyone cannot wear everything), the prints, or a combo of both.  But I will admit, when I saw the camo print, I was hooked!  Now, I can't see anyone in my family wearing it (honestly, we're just big people and I'm scared to wear a jumpsuit myself), but if you have the body for it or just want to try it out, here is my suggestion...


Photo credit: NY Mag

I mean, people are always looking for the latest trends on the runway and some of that stuff you know good and well you wouldn't wear out in public.  You buy it for display only.  So don't be mad at these guys out here starting a trend.  Keep breaking barriers in the fashion world and stop being afraid to try something new.  

Next trending topic - the little boy doing his own makeup.  I have tried and failed to find this video of just this particular thing on YouTube.  The one I found was an hour long and he was only the first two or three minutes.  But, I think I can explain it to you.  Young boy (maybe 10ish) is basically putting on his makeup better than most women I know, including myself...but the caption floating around social media is if you saw your son doing this, what would you do.  My answer is as follows...

Either stick with it or stop playing with my makeup!!!

Yep, that's my answer.  Makeup isn't cheap!  If he wants to be a makeup artist - you do you, boo!  There is money in that industry!  Plus, he can hook me up with supplies with mama runs low!  But, real talk, I would support it.  People made such a big deal about him practicing on himself.  Well, who he going to practice on?  Those mannequins don't even come close to the feel of human skin.  Also, in order for you to highlight the features of someone else, you need to know your own features first.  Then I saw the stupidest comment that said he should practice on his sister?  What if he is an only child?  I'm an only child.  I practiced on myself and don't give me the but you're a girl speech.  I remember the first time my mom let me do her makeup and it was in 2014.  I was in my late 20s, had been doing my own face for years, and this woman pushed me out of her - but when it came to her face, she was like NOPE, NOT TODAY!!!  Maybe his mom was the same way.  

Honestly, I salute the young man and if any of you know who he is or how I can reach out to him, please let me know!  I just want to know who he is so I can give him the proper credit he is due!  And just to give you a little extra, one of my fav actors Jeremy Renner was a makeup artist before making it on the big screen.  You never know what doors this young man may be getting ready to open.  

Basically, open up your minds and your hearts.  The world is changing!  Time is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing - moving forward and fashion is moving right along with it.  And people, I don't see you making a big deal about guys sewing and becoming designers or learning how to do hair.  Quite frankly, I don't see the difference.  Makeup artist, designer, hair stylist...hmmmm.....all legal ways to make money and express yourself.  Sounds like the perfect storm to me!  

What are you doing people that people thought would be impossible or not in your best interest to do?  


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