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The back and forth

Different kind of post today.  Honestly, I just need to vent.  Now, don't start with me by saying....

But Shayla, you're supposed to be having #100HappyDays!
I'm fully aware of that.  I don't need a reminder and we are on day 3!  Ok, back to what has brought me here.  Etiquette!  So simple, yet I'm starting to find some people are not using it!   Bloggers, let's be real, we already struggle.  We get those people who have NO CLUE to time and effort it takes to blog.  Blogging is not just about getting some stuff written.  There's photos, graphics, planning, tweeting, instagram, and sometimes just finding the inspiration is a chore in itself.  I get there when brands play with our emotions that is annoying, but I need one small favor...
There is a way to say things.  There is also a way to NOT say things.  Yesterday, I really liked how one blogger posted her tweet.  She didn't slam the brand, she just…

100 days and counting

About 3 years ago, there was this thing trending called #100HappyDays!  I really wanted to be involved, so of course, I jumped in.  I think I made it to day 43 and I just stopped.  I couldn't take it anymore.  It's not because I didn't want to do it anymore, I honestly couldn't do it anymore.  

In 2014, I was in a bad place.  I felt like my world was crashing around me and that my life was out of my control.  I was ready to end it all and one day, those thoughts turned into actual tries.  I was crying myself to sleep each night and showing up to work (or wherever I needed to be the next day) with a smile on my face like nothing was wrong.  I only did that challenge to mask what was going on and to try to make myself happy.  That's not what the challenge was intended to do.  
I realized somewhere in between 2014 and now that you have to find the happiness.  It's not just going to be given to you.  There is a not a fairy each morning that comes to you and says be h…

Future Fashion Figures

Just over a year ago, I wrote a blog post about how something from the past changed the course of this blog in the (then) present day.  Not to give away my post (because I would love for you to check it out), but basically a blast from my past came to my mind and I just had to write about it.  It's something that helped shaped me and I'm so happy I was able...well, that's enough.  

But that's just it - a blast from my past.  It wasn't that long ago.  Contrary to popular belief, two decades isn't that long of time.  In the grand scheme of things, we could even argue that a century is a short time.  I mean, if a person lives that long, we consider that a long life, but if we are in a history class that is discussing the Roman Empire, or maybe even all the wars, a century is a just a drop in the bucket.  It's what changes during the period of time that makes it great.  
I bet that if you told your grandparents twenty years ago that present day, we would not have…

The Gown Up - Final Edition

So, we have finally reached the finish line of this blog series.  I've enjoyed it and I hope you have been able to take stock of your own life as you take the opportunity to travel through mine.  Without further ado, here are items 8 through 10!  

💟             💟             💟
8. You regret the mistakes you've made in the past This is a hard one because my past is what has shaped me into the person I am today.  Quite frankly, it's given me some pretty good blog material.  Do I hate that I had a child in my second year of college?  Yes, but that's because it wasn't in the plan.  Do I regret that experience of his death?  Nope, because I've already been able to help someone through their own stillbirth of their first child.  As I look back on my life at this moment I'm typing this post, the only thing I regret is staying in relationships longer than I was supposed to be there.  If you need further explanation, go back and check out of the previous post.  
9. Y…

The Grown Up - Part 2

Ok, let's continue from Part 1.  If you are just joining me, here is a quick recap...I'm growing up, I found an article that interested me because it fit what is happening in my life right now, and life is just taking me on some interesting twist and turns.  Alright, back to it!  

4. It's hard for you to trust people YUP!!!  I start everyone off on a trust level.  If you do something to me, it drops and as you continue to do stupidity around me, it will continue to drive me away.  I've been burned by so many people and I know everyone is not like them, but once it happens, it's hard to forget.  Even my friends, I trust them, but I'm also very watchful.  Unfortunately, this has cost some people along the way (notice I didn't say friends), but I am for the better.  
5. You always feel that your life is boring I think this about my life.  But I'm ok.  This is the year I've been more focused on me and that has made it boring, especially to those around me.�…

The Grown Up - Part 1

I've been growing lately.  I've been paying for attention to my environment and getting to know the space around me.  I'm in my early 30s and I'm trying to understand my place in this life right now and I am finding it very interesting.  Recently, I read an article from Thought Catalog titled 10 Uncomfortable Signs You're Actually Becoming the Person You're Supposed To Be.  This, and the next two blog posts, will explain my version of this article because I found it very interesting.

💖             💖             💖

1. You do everything by yourself and feel isolated from others I make no apologies for loving to do things by myself.  I love taking myself out to eat.  I enjoy taking solo vacays.  I also enjoy just taking a day trip and enjoying some sights.  However, I do no feel isolated from others.  I hang out with who I wish to hang out with.  I don't call that isolation - I call that being comfortable with myself enough to know who I need to be around and w…

Music Monday - May Tunes

So, it was a rather interesting May when it came to my music selection.  In between my iPod, Amazon, and just hearing stuff on the radio, it was absolutely awesome! So, here is the list of what was played most during the past month!  

And there you have it. What were you listening to last month?

June Goals

I'm figuring if I write out these goals, even though some stay private, yall will help hold me accountable.  Here are some goals for the beautiful month of June!
1 - Not be in the red on any day on my LoseIt app!   This is the app I use to help me count calories and lose weight.  I've plateaued the past two months and I am just not feeling it.  One thing that I noticed is that I had more red days than normal (which means I ate more than my allotted calories, even if I worked out).  This month, that WILL be different.  
2 - Make some bows I wish I could tell you more about this right now, but you're just going to have to bear with me.  Let me get some things ready for these party favors and I'll be happy to share with you!   3 - Go to a baseball game My minor league team is the Columbia Fireflies.  The stadium is perfect and I just love the atmosphere.  I have to go this month because I haven't been to a game yet!!!  

I realize these are probably super minor to you, but th…

May goals - Update

Goals are made to not be kept, right?  Nah, sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to get some things done.  Fact of the matter is that goals teach patience and help us to realize that we are NOT in a right now phase in life.  So, how did I do with my goals?  Keep reading to find out!  

1 - Lose 5 pounds Didn't happen.  On the second month of the plateau, but I think I have a handle on what I need to do to change it up.  
2 - Buy wedding shoes Well, I went to the store to get them and they were not in my size.  They are actually being ordered this weekend and I'm happy about that.  As long as they are here in time for me to bling them out, I'm good.
3 - Finish one chapter of my book This actually happened!  I'm proud of this accomplishment because it's a hard book to write.  It's making me dive back into my past, but it did happen and it helped to shape me into who I am today.  
4 - Treat myself to a date I treated myself to a few dates!  I just couldn't resis…