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Future Fashion Figures

Just over a year ago, I wrote a blog post about how something from the past changed the course of this blog in the (then) present day.  Not to give away my post (because I would love for you to check it out), but basically a blast from my past came to my mind and I just had to write about it.  It's something that helped shaped me and I'm so happy I was able...well, that's enough.  

But that's just it - a blast from my past.  It wasn't that long ago.  Contrary to popular belief, two decades isn't that long of time.  In the grand scheme of things, we could even argue that a century is a short time.  I mean, if a person lives that long, we consider that a long life, but if we are in a history class that is discussing the Roman Empire, or maybe even all the wars, a century is a just a drop in the bucket.  It's what changes during the period of time that makes it great.  

I bet that if you told your grandparents twenty years ago that present day, we would not have to go to the store to buy our music, they would have looked at you like you were crazy.  I also bet that if you would have told your grandparents that styles from the sixties and seventies were coming back, they would have laughed.  But the fact of the matter, things are back.  

Whether or not you want to believe it, a waist trainer (also used for working out) is nothing but a glorified corset from the 1550s.  During that time, it was seen as something to shape the body because being thick (in any place) was not seen as a good thing.  Today, it's used to get the body into a desired shape.  What a difference design has made.  Some waist trainers are so unique, they are being worn out in public without the need to have a top or dress over them.  The initial design made them functional, the newest design made them fashionable.  Talk about making a comeback, right?

Let's not forget about the cell phone.  We've come a long way from the phone in the box or the landline that had the long cord so you could walk around your house and talk.  Today, the design of the phone (cell or landline) in general has come down to one little thing - space.  If your cell phone is in your pocket, you don't want it to look extra bulky in your jeans.  If you are one of the few (in the grand scheme of things) people to still have a landline phone, you don't want it taking it valuable space on your counters, desk, or wherever you choose to place them.  And since we are on technology, we CANNOT forget about computers.  Long gone are the days when the computer literally took up an entire room.  Take this post for example, I drafted it on a tablet with an eleven inch screen and typed it on a laptop with a seventeen inch screen.  In my lifetime, which is just over three decades, I've seen computers only barely fit on a desk to using two devices to make this post that I can fit into a pocketbook and use anywhere.  

If you don't believe change is here, just look at fashion choices today!  Since I'm a plus size lady, let's talk plus size fashion.  I've always been a plus diva, even in my younger days.  So, you might also know that I grew up being forced to wear dark colors.  Why?  It had nothing to do with what I could wear, but it had EVERYTHING to do with what was being designed.  We all know black is a slimming color and designers just ran with that - black clothes that looked like a trash bag and didn't hug my body in any of the right places.  But today, oh yes today, we have some wonderful designers breaking that mold and showing up that colors are in, prints are where it is at, and the way to have a bikini body is to wear a bikini on what ever body you have.  Let me just take a moment to salute Ashley Nell TiptonGabi Gregg, and Nadia Aboulhosn for the work they have done in the plus size fashion industry.  

Notice a trend here?  My heart is in fashion!  I love clothes (and pocketbooks).  I just can't help myself.  Even when I talked about the cell phones, tablets, and laptops, I made reference to it not being so bulky in jeans or having a cute bag that matches my outfit to carry around my tech supplies.  Here's the thing about fashion design - the future of it is already here.  Right now, there is some child (yes, a child) thinking of a way to design a high heel that is not only sexy, but more comfortable.  Someone is already looking into ways to keep evolving the corset until it doesn't exactly feel like you are squeezing all your organs together.  There is even someone chomping at the bit to design a more compact cell phone that won't stick out so far.  

Many of us reading this will probably be here to see those things happen, but I think it is safe to assume, it's coming.  Even if it takes one hundred years, when it comes to the big picture, that will be lightning fast.  

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