Friday, June 2, 2017

May goals - Update

Goals are made to not be kept, right?  Nah, sometimes it just takes a little bit longer to get some things done.  Fact of the matter is that goals teach patience and help us to realize that we are NOT in a right now phase in life.  So, how did I do with my goals?  Keep reading to find out!  

1 - Lose 5 pounds
Didn't happen.  On the second month of the plateau, but I think I have a handle on what I need to do to change it up.  

2 - Buy wedding shoes
Well, I went to the store to get them and they were not in my size.  They are actually being ordered this weekend and I'm happy about that.  As long as they are here in time for me to bling them out, I'm good.

3 - Finish one chapter of my book
This actually happened!  I'm proud of this accomplishment because it's a hard book to write.  It's making me dive back into my past, but it did happen and it helped to shape me into who I am today.  

4 - Treat myself to a date
I treated myself to a few dates!  I just couldn't resist.  It's always good to get some alone time and see what's really going on in your head.

5 - Attend my church 3 times this month
I actually made it to church every Sunday this month and only one of them was away from my church.  Goal met!!!  

What do I have in store for June?  Check out the next post, arriving Sunday, June 4 at 9am EST to find out!  

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