Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Gown Up - Final Edition

So, we have finally reached the finish line of this blog series.  I've enjoyed it and I hope you have been able to take stock of your own life as you take the opportunity to travel through mine.  Without further ado, here are items 8 through 10!  

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8. You regret the mistakes you've made in the past
This is a hard one because my past is what has shaped me into the person I am today.  Quite frankly, it's given me some pretty good blog material.  Do I hate that I had a child in my second year of college?  Yes, but that's because it wasn't in the plan.  Do I regret that experience of his death?  Nope, because I've already been able to help someone through their own stillbirth of their first child.  As I look back on my life at this moment I'm typing this post, the only thing I regret is staying in relationships longer than I was supposed to be there.  If you need further explanation, go back and check out of the previous post.  

9. You always miss your childhood, family, and your loved ones
Well, this part may hurt a few feelings.  I do have moments of missing my childhood.  I miss the innocence of it and not being tainted by the real world.  Concerning my family, I tend to miss my parents more than anything.  However, I also enjoy the freedom of having my space from them because they did what they were supposed to do - raise a decent lady to get out of their house and make a house of her own.  Just in case you were wondering, let's just skip over the loved ones because I see the loved ones I want to see when I want to see them.  

10. You feel lost, confused, and anxious about your future
I do.  I already have anxiety so not really knowing what the future holds is quite unnerving.  I mean, I keep a planner in order to keep this blog straight, so since I cannot do it with my life, it feel a bit strange.  However, I do believe that not knowing the future makes life worth living.  We have countless choices to make and that allows for each of us to have different paths.  The fact of the matter is this - ultimately, this life will end and how we choose to get there (also known as the dash) is ours for the taking.

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Well, this is it!  Another series is in the books!  I hope you enjoyed it and were able to get something out of it.  So, just out of curiosity, which one of the ten items made you think the most about your life?  

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