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The Grown Up - Part 1

I've been growing lately.  I've been paying for attention to my environment and getting to know the space around me.  I'm in my early 30s and I'm trying to understand my place in this life right now and I am finding it very interesting.  Recently, I read an article from Thought Catalog titled 10 Uncomfortable Signs You're Actually Becoming the Person You're Supposed To Be.  This, and the next two blog posts, will explain my version of this article because I found it very interesting.

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1. You do everything by yourself and feel isolated from others
I make no apologies for loving to do things by myself.  I love taking myself out to eat.  I enjoy taking solo vacays.  I also enjoy just taking a day trip and enjoying some sights.  However, I do no feel isolated from others.  I hang out with who I wish to hang out with.  I don't call that isolation - I call that being comfortable with myself enough to know who I need to be around and who I do not need to be around.  I guess I can call that getting wiser because some of the people who I enjoyed in my 20s will not get to travel along the journey with me in my 30s.

2. You realize that you have some issues with yourself
If I've done anything in my 30s, it is FINALLY accepting the fact I have anxiety.  It was so hard for me to handle this in my 20s, but right now, I'm handling it the best way I know how.  Another issue I have with myself is I'm always taking care of other people, instead of taking care of myself.  This change has only come within the past couple of months, but I'm happy that I'm now learning to stand up for myself and saying NO and not getting guilt tripped into doing things that make me uncomfortable.  

3. You have a strong desire to cut off some unnecessary relationships
Currently, my cut off game is the strongest it has ever been.  I'm having a great time doing it too.  Some people just do not have your best interest at heart and the sooner you realize that, the better off you are going to be.  And yes, you're going to have to cut of some family.  I've had to do this in the past couple of years and I'm ok with that, especially since I have the support of my parents in doing so.  Just because you share the same blood doesn't mean you share the same mindset and values. 

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I'll let you think about this first three.  We'll discuss the next four in Friday's post.  


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