Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tik to the toc

The one thing about life is that it is constantly changing.  Seasons change.  Jobs change.  Cost of living changes.  Your circle changes.  Relationships change.  Change is just an part of life that is always going to be around.  

Let me tell you what else is also changing - this blog!  Even though I have been blogging for almost 5 years, I still consider this blog in its baby stages.  When I first started, I didn't really blog a lot.  I basically just blogged when I felt like it and that meant I would go for months without posting a single thing.  Then as time went along, I started to get more involved in social media and there were (still is) some great bloggers (well, a lot of authors) on there that were so motivating and wonderful.  That helped me find my stride in this blog.  Then I'm not sure what happened last year, but I think it was sometime in October that I had written my 100th post of 2016.  I had a dream of doing that again this year, but I also realized that same intensity from last year might not survive all of 2017.  That is when I took a look at some bloggers I admire and I discovered this one thing - they had a schedule.  I've been on a schedule since April of this year and I have been really happy with the days I posted and not feeling as torn up when I take breaks.  

There were some things I wanted to do in my blog this year and as we approach September, I realize that I'm ok with not getting everything done.  Why?  Well, I would rather have this thing evolve than for me to stay constant and you getting tired of what I am doing.  
With that being said - something new is coming!!!  I haven't finalized this yet, but I'm really looking forward to collaborating with a really great person for this new task.  Of course, I'll let you know by keeping you updated on social media.  All I know is that change is coming and I'm hoping that it is going to be really great!  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Rules of...

Since my blogging break, I've been more in tune to the madness going on in the blogging world.  I just keep to myself, like I do in my personal life, but I pay attention to a lot of stuff.  And with all the madness, I've seen just as much support.  Oh man, what a great community to be part of.  Just like a family, the blogging world can have its moments and also like family, there are some bloggers who I just don't rock with.  But I will ALWAYS be respectful and I hope they know that.  No name calling, no hurt, just the right amount of space to keep the peace.  

Also since my blogging break, I've been noticing bloggers doing different things!  People have been so helpful - giving post ideas, writing out rules, and just being super supportive.  One thing I noticed is that people have been saying that blogging has no rules.  I have this one thing to say about that...


Blogging has absolutely no rules!!!  I have to say I wasn't a believer in this until I tried it out myself a couple of days ago.  I have a blogging schedule.  It just helps to keep me on track.  I post Sunday (which is what you're reading), Tuesday, and Friday.  The posts go live at 9am EST and I have found that to work for me so that my wonderful UK readers can read during the day!  Well, Friday, I changed it up.  

Friday, I posted from 9am to 4pm (yep, EST) on my instagram page.  Each hour, a new photo went up and that was how I blogged on Friday.  I absolutely enjoyed it.  I think I may incorporate that into my blog once a month...but I'll see how I feel about that because that was a lot of work!  

But what I learned from my own experience was this - it was fun!!!  So bloggers, just enjoy being a blogger.  No matter what form (or forms) you choose to express your blog, just have a good time with it and let it be all you.  Don't change for anyone and in all that you do, just make sure to be your best self.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

That eclipse and such

Yesterday was lit.  Went to a baseball game, had a few laughs (some at the expense of others) and of course, enjoyed the eclipse.  So, in my location, we had totality.  That was the absolute coolest thing!  Seriously, the temp dropped a little bit.  But what was so fun, is that it went pitch black.  Street lights came on, babies started crying (that had me worried), and I got to see some people I haven't seen in a long time.  

Overall, it was a great day.  You know, family drama aside.  But, this was definitely in the top three events of my life.  Yep, I think it even passed the Justin Timberlake concert when I had floor seats.  Amazing.  And, I was able to help one of my besties check something off her bucket list.  What a beautiful day it was!!!  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Clothes Mentor - shopping adventure!

So, today was the day for my shopping adventure at Clothes Mentor Columbia!!!  I was able to find some really great things and also take some things for them to sell.  You know I take such good care of my clothes so it will be cool for someone else to enjoy them.  But before I continue, there is something I need to say....

Happy 3rd Birthday to Clothes Mentor!!!

Ok, now where was I?  Oh, just getting ready to show you some of the things I found while shopping.  Yep, just a post full of photos.  Hope you enjoy!  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Blogging and the break

It's no big secret that I, Shayla, took a two week break from blogging.  I wasn't traveling.  I wasn't super busy at work.  I wasn't doing anything major that most people would need a break from.  I was just breaking.  If you need a reason, let's just say I was putting my life back together.  We cool?  Great!  

I told you earlier that I took a break so that I could throw some support to some other bloggers.  I didn't get as much accomplished on Bloglovin', but I was rolling on Instagram and Twitter.  So as I was thinking about what this break was really about, I thought it would make a nice little post.  And then I was like - hmmmm.....I haven't done a Shayla's Seven post in a while.  Well, that brings us here!  

Without further ado, here is Shayla's Seven - blogging edition.  

1 - Automated Messages
I KNOW that I have mentioned this before.  However, during my break of being more observant to the blogger community, I noticed this coming up again.  But here is the tweet I absolutely cannot stand - If you send an automated message, I'm automatically unfollowing you.  My response to that is...

BYE, BOO!!!  

I send automated messages to say thank you.  Yes, I put my other social media in the message, but I start out by simply saying thank you.  So, basically, you're unfollowing me for being polite?  Cool!  Now, if you have the time to sit there and thank each follower as they come to your page, more power to you.  As for me, I have a day job, and until I can afford an intern or assistant, an automated message you will get!  Also, please keep in mind, automated message is different than automated comment.  See the following number.

2 - Numbers
We all want people come to our blog page.  That goes without saying.  We want followers, we want people to like our posts, and we want people to interact with us.  But let's be real, you wonderful people out there who have 135k followers and only 353 post likes are absolutely ridiculous.  How hard was it for you to get that number - a simple entry of your credit card number to get those followers?  What happened to hard work?  What happened to actually knowing your audience?  What happened to actually wanting to interact with people?  And we know when your numbers are lying - if I have posted something on Twitter or Instagram about having a rough day and you respond with OMG (followed by something that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter), there are two things that have just happened.  I now know your game and that you are truly ridiculous and there is absolutely no reason for me to be following you because you're not trying to know my page anyway.  

3 - Responsibility
Make a mistake?  Own up to it and for the love of everything, please move on!  During my breaking period, a blogger found herself in a bit of a situation.  Not only did she recognize her wrong, but she went public about it by putting it in a blog post.  Nope, not going to tell you who and what the stuff was about because it isn't my story to tell.  But please know she got a response from me on Twitter because I thought that was absolutely cool.  Hopefully more people can start to own up to the wrongs they have committed.  

4 - Negativity
I guess when it comes to blogging, I'm old.  I'm in my early thirties.  This game now is a bunch of teen and early twenty people that haven't had the age to see or know some of the stuff we blogging seniors know.  Notice, I did not say experience.  You NEVER know what people have gone through.  Let me give you an example before I move on.  From looking at me, you would have no clue I'm technically a mom (and you definitely don't know unless I tell you).  In my early twenties, I experienced the death of my child at birth.  See, age has nothing to do with experience, but you do get more experience with age.  In other words, stop trying to put people down for something you think they have or haven't gone through.  I saw too much bashing happening and I have to say, I was quite disappointed.  We, as bloggers, are always preaching about community, but yet if I was new to the blogging world and was in touch with a few of you, you would have definitely made me reconsider this whole blogging thing.  

5 - Consistency
I have to say this, on my social media, yall didn't miss a beat.  For that, thank you.  You knew I was on break, but yall stood by me on Instagram and Twitter.  Yes, I was still posting on those networks.  I mean, it's not like I went to go live under a rock for two weeks.  I learned that if you let people know and if you have been consistent with posts, people will stick by you.  I didn't post at my normal time on Instagram, but you were still there waiting to see what was going to happen next.  

6 - Support
If you advertise as a place for bloggers to have posts re-tweeted, do that please.  Your page clearly says, tag me for a RT or use #something for a RT and we don't EVER see a RT from your page (except from your clique).  Oh, the irony!  Yep, you've been noticed, and people don't like it.  I don't like it.  It's one thing to not RT a post because of your values on the subject.  I'm cool with that.  I have values too.  But, you're going to have a hard time convincing me that you didn't RT a post about a recent shopping trip simply because you didn't like the outfit the person posted.  Really?  Come on, people, I know kids who can come up with a better excuse.  

7 - Reach Out
Sometimes, all it takes is you reaching out to someone.  I took a risk by reaching out to a brand and it turned out to be something cool to do this week.  I hope I get more opportunities like this.  But in saying that, don't just sit behind your screen and wait for someone to come knocking on your inbox.  Sometimes, you just have to (positively) put yourself out there and hope for the best.  And if it doesn't work the first time (because it definitely didn't for me), keep trying.  Someone will be willing to give you an opportunity.  

⧟       ⧟       ⧟       ⧟       ⧟

Well, that's all for this post!  I hope you enjoyed my insight and as always, comments are welcome!  I am looking forward to what you have to say about this post.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Well, that was fun

What a wonderful break I just had.  Let me go ahead and get this out of the way - I may be taking another day off in a couple of weeks.  I may be at the beach, I may be staying out of the Labor Day traffic.  I haven't quite decided just yet.  But know this, I'll let you know!  

So, back to this break that I am just getting back from.  I really wanted to take this break to do a couple of things - get my focus back (as I am working on another project other than this blog) and to throw some support to other bloggers.  I get so caught up in my baby (this blog) that I don't always get to give support to other blogs.  

On twitter, the RTs have been amazing the past couple of weeks!  It I see a RT that sparks my interest, I'll give that post a read.  This has helped me discover a few bloggers that weren't on my radar.  I read one particular post that was absolutely full of honesty.  She said what happened, gave her apology, and is trying to move on.  One of the most honest posts I've seen in a while.  But in all good things, there is some madness as well.  

Since I've been paying more attention, I've noticed there can be some rude people in the blogging community.  I guess simply because I wasn't just focused on my own blog, but actively trying to search out other blogs to read.  In my time of blogging (because this haven't been my first blog), I've learned that your blog is a reflection of you.  In this age of social media, I've learned a few things - bullies love to sit behind a screen and type stuff they would never say to your face and that if you are building a brand (because believe it or not, a blog is a brand - definitely another post), you really need to be careful of what you put on social media.  

It's been a great two weeks - I've gained some followers and I have definitely followed some people.  I know we all take breaks for different reasons - vacations, holidays, or just need the time to ourselves.  But if you ever get a chance just to take a break from your own work to give some love to some fellow bloggers, not only will it be appreciated be the other bloggers, but you might just see some things that give you a few different views of what you thought you knew.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Clothes Mentor Columbia!!!!!

Columbia, SC and surrounding - this post is for you!!!  

Yall know I love clothes!  I absolutely love me some clothes!  So this is a great week for you - the wonderful readers of my blog!!!  There is a wonderful place called Clothes Mentor that is a women's resale store.  I have found some awesome goodies in there and I am really looking forward to you doing the same thing.  

So, here is a great news!!!  

August 13 - August 19

When you go shopping at Clothes Mentor (located at 275 Harbison Blvd, Columbia, SC 29212) during those dates, all you simply have to say is TheShaylaEm sent you and you will receive 20% off your entire purchase!  

20%, yall!!!  20%!!!

Make sure you share this post and get the word out!  I mean, who doesn't love a good discount, especially when it comes to clothes, shoes, pocketbooks, and did I mention shoes?  And guys, don't think this post isn't for you!  I'm sure that special someone in your life would just love it if you brought something home.  There's a never a bad time for a just because gift!  

Happy shopping, followers!  And when you go, let me know!!!  I cannot wait to see what you find.  And if you have been wanting to meet me, I'll be there Saturday, August 19 at 10am, when the doors open.  Come help me do some shopping!!!  I mean, it's the perfect time to come - it's Eclipse Weekend in Columbia and it is going to be great!!!