Sunday, August 20, 2017

Clothes Mentor - shopping adventure!

So, today was the day for my shopping adventure at Clothes Mentor Columbia!!!  I was able to find some really great things and also take some things for them to sell.  You know I take such good care of my clothes so it will be cool for someone else to enjoy them.  But before I continue, there is something I need to say....

Happy 3rd Birthday to Clothes Mentor!!!

Ok, now where was I?  Oh, just getting ready to show you some of the things I found while shopping.  Yep, just a post full of photos.  Hope you enjoy!  


  1. These are all cute! My favorite is the third picture! That dress is perfect for the beginning of fall!

    1. I cannot wait to wear that dress!!! But the way the seasons are set up in the South, we're still having temps in the 70s!