Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Well, that was fun

What a wonderful break I just had.  Let me go ahead and get this out of the way - I may be taking another day off in a couple of weeks.  I may be at the beach, I may be staying out of the Labor Day traffic.  I haven't quite decided just yet.  But know this, I'll let you know!  

So, back to this break that I am just getting back from.  I really wanted to take this break to do a couple of things - get my focus back (as I am working on another project other than this blog) and to throw some support to other bloggers.  I get so caught up in my baby (this blog) that I don't always get to give support to other blogs.  

On twitter, the RTs have been amazing the past couple of weeks!  It I see a RT that sparks my interest, I'll give that post a read.  This has helped me discover a few bloggers that weren't on my radar.  I read one particular post that was absolutely full of honesty.  She said what happened, gave her apology, and is trying to move on.  One of the most honest posts I've seen in a while.  But in all good things, there is some madness as well.  

Since I've been paying more attention, I've noticed there can be some rude people in the blogging community.  I guess simply because I wasn't just focused on my own blog, but actively trying to search out other blogs to read.  In my time of blogging (because this haven't been my first blog), I've learned that your blog is a reflection of you.  In this age of social media, I've learned a few things - bullies love to sit behind a screen and type stuff they would never say to your face and that if you are building a brand (because believe it or not, a blog is a brand - definitely another post), you really need to be careful of what you put on social media.  

It's been a great two weeks - I've gained some followers and I have definitely followed some people.  I know we all take breaks for different reasons - vacations, holidays, or just need the time to ourselves.  But if you ever get a chance just to take a break from your own work to give some love to some fellow bloggers, not only will it be appreciated be the other bloggers, but you might just see some things that give you a few different views of what you thought you knew.  

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