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I am MeikaShay

It's been just over a week since I dropped the name change on you.  It's different seeing it on my social media, but I'll get used to it.  So, since I made a change, I thought it was only fair to do a new introduction.  As I am easing myself into this, I'm going to let this one be a bit more fun, but you know you are welcome to ask me questions 1 - What kinds of thing really make you laugh? I can laugh at just about anything.  Recently, I've gotten on the LivePD bandwagon and I've laughed at some of those people.  I'm known to break out in a laugh during a funeral and basically any other time I'm supposed to be quiet.  It's such a broad question and I really don't have a good answer.   2 - What's your favorite place in the entire world? This is going to sound strange, but basically any space where I can get some alone time.  I love my cube at work because it's cute and it has just enough space.  I love my place because it's

Name Change

I've thought long and hard about this change.  Had to say a little prayer before I did this too because I've been nervous about it.  Obviously, change is always happening - I just never thought I would make this type of change.  So, here goes... My name is Tameika.  Yes, that's my government name.  You have known me for many years as Shayla Em.  Where did that come from?  Simple, my middle name isn't Shayla, but it is one that I don't particularly like so I don't use it.  I just use my middle initial.  However, Shayla used all the letters in my middle name.  The Em part came from the "me" in Tameika...of course, just turned it around.   Tameika and Shayla Em are honestly not that different.  Shayla Em was the more confident writer, the more confident person in front of the camera, and the more confident person in life.  However, things have changed and the confidence that I thought I had to have to be Shayla Em was the confidence I needed to be