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Here we go...again...

It's no big secret that I took a break from blogging.  It was a great break, but during that break, I was more observant to my social media, especially Twitter.  I'm still hostile with Instagram because that out of order madness is really getting on my nerves.  Back to the tweets though.  I NEVER realized how much wannabe drama there is in the blogging community.  

There are a few things I noticed that I would really like to bring to your attention.  If you are a blogger reading my blog, you will probably already know about this madness.  If you are just a cool person reading my blog, I'm about to probably open up a can of worms.  

1 - Money makes the world go round.
There are wonderful bloggers out there.  Some make money off their blogs, some don't.  Truth be told, I've made money off this blog.  I haven't made $100 bucks, but I have made some money.  I'm not in it for the money.  I do this blog simply because I love to write.  But there are some bloggers out there killing it with making money and I salute them.  There are some bloggers out there killing it without making money and guess what?  I salute them too. We're all playing for the same team here, we're blogging and getting thoughts out for other people to see.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that madness.  

2 - Follow / Unfollow
So, I semi told you I have a hatred for Instagram because it annoys me that it is out of order.  But what really burns my nerves is the people who follow you, get you to follow, and then drop you so quickly.  That madness needs to stop.  If fact, this is not the first time I've written about this foolishness.  If you are a blogger and you follow me, 90% of the time, you're getting a follow back.  Period, point blank.  Why?  Because I like supporting other bloggers because other bloggers have supported me.  I am so happy you can sort of tell who follows you on Instagram now because it is such a huge help.  Twitter has been had a lock on this part of the game.  

3 - Support
This one is easy, support other bloggers.  Just because someone doesn't have 10k followers doesn't mean they are not putting out amazing content.  I tend to stay out of political posts, but I still show the authors support because they are putting themselves out there.  I admit, I have started to gravitate towards mental health posts because I deal with anxiety and those posts help me see that I am not alone.  Now, don't get me wrong, I just don't go liking pictures if I don't really "like" them, but I'm all about sharing the love with fellow bloggers.  The majority of my blogger pals are across the Atlantic.  If I lived closer to them, I would so try to go to some events.  But until the blogging game gets bigger in the US, I will continue to write and make friends where I can.  Who knows, I might even try to get a blogging event off the ground.  

Ok, that's all we're going to focus on right now.  Here is what I want, just be cool and nice to your fellow bloggers.  You never know what people are going through and just because things look happy and bright on a screen, it may be dark and gloomy on the inside.  


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