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Year End Review - Edition 2017

This is typically the hardest post for me to write.  You would think I would be used to it by now since I do it every single year, but it doesn't get easier.  I truly think they get more interesting though.  And believe me, 2017 was one for the books.  But let's get to how amazing this year actually was.  

First quarter of the year is always a bit interesting because I get to enjoy Winter and my birthday!  A new person was born into the family and she was absolutely perfect.  She still is and I just enjoy her so, even though I don't see her often.  But what makes her so great to me is that she was born on my actual due date.  Kindred spirit, maybe?  And in thrilling fashion, I celebrated my birthday an entire usual.  It was fun times with my friends and I absolutely had a blast with my parentals.  

The second quarter was a bit quiet.  I finally came up with a blog schedule and I really needed that to happen.  That was also when I sort of regrouped and decided to take my blog in a different direction.  Change is a good thing, right?  Health wise, this part of the year was a a bit interesting.  After two weeks of allergy testing, I discovered that I'm basically allergic to everything environmental.  Allergy shots started and they are still going.  Not complaining though, just happy to finally have a handle on what was causing me to get so sick!  I also found a new place to get my mani/pedi.  I'm so glad someone recommended Alicia B Nail Bar to me because I haven't turned back and I'm going to carry that two week nail appointment schedule right on to 2018. 

Well, the third quarter made me put on my game face.  Don't worry, we're going to talk about the happy times, but something drastic sort of happened.  Ok, maybe not drastic, but it was quite telling of some folk.  Since I don't want to incorrectly put words in the mouths of others, I'll just use the screen shots!  And for legal reasons, I've blocked out the photo and name of the person who said what they said.  Just know that it is an older cousin I've decided to not be around until I'm ready and if that day never comes, oh well.  And since technically I was told to stay out of their sight, who am I to not give the people what they want?

Now, let's get to the happy times of the third quarter.  My love surprised me with a road trip, even though he did wake me up earlier than I wanted.  Definitely not complaining though because that day was an absolute blast.  Nothing wrong with an impromptu beach trip, right?  One of my besties came to visit me for the Solar Eclipse because my location was in the path of totality.  By the way, that was the absolute coolest thing I've ever been part of.  The entire weekend was absolutely wonderful because of all the events happening around my city and I tried to be part of a lot of them.  Then in September, my favorite cookout happened and it did not disappoint!!!  

And now we are here - the fourth quarter.  I finally got my blue hair!  I've been on two vacations and had the best Christmas that I've had in a while.  It was great to just be at home with my parentals and get in some good laughs.  I also purged a bunch of things out of my life (and closet) and I feel like I'm stepping into 2018 a bit lighter.  I'm a bit happier too and there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding your happiness.  

So, if I had to sum up this year, I would call 2017 the year of being thankful.  I'm honestly thankful for seeing the true colors of some of the blood family, but I'm absolutely thankful for how my friends rallied around me during that time.  As you can see, that happened all on Facebook and when people saw it, some chimed in, but a bunch of them called and sent texts checking on me.  For that, I'm thankful.  I'm thankful for the blood family that chimed in, called, and sent messages.  After that madness happened, my parentals and I became even closer.  My dad even called me super early one day and said "this family is going to be just fine" and that is when #ThePowerOf3 was born.  I've always been thankful for my parentals, but I'm truly thankful for #ThePowerOf3 in 2017.  I'm thankful that other than my allergies, I did not have any health concerns that took me to the ER.  I'm thankful that when Charlotte (my car) decided not the crank immediately, that it was only the battery.  I'm thankful that I'm closer to finding a church home.  I'm thankful for my interesting life.  I'm thankful that I am still standing.

When it comes to this blog, I'm thankful for you!  Every time you clicked this page, left a comment, shared a post, or told someone you need to go read this, you allowed me to be part of your life for a small moment.  For that, I am thankful.  

As I close out this year and enter into another, I have this to say - I wouldn't change a thing.  The growth and development that has happened over the past 365 days has blown my mind.  It wasn't easy and some days, I went along while kicking and screaming.  On the other hand, as I look back, I'm still thankful. 

Ok, 2018, bring it.  Here's to the next 365!  


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