Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Big Bang

It's been a while.  It truly has been a while.  I am typically great about telling you when I am taking a blogging break, but sometimes, life just comes at your fast.  At the end of January, life came at me hella fast.  Had it not been for the one blog post I had already written and set up to post, you would not have heard from me when you did.  But, I'm getting back to my feet and feeling more and more like my normal self.  

I know what you are thinking - what happened?!  Well, that's for me to know and for you to never find out.  There are some things in my life that I would rather keep personal and this is one of those times.  I've told the people who need to know and it will go no further than that.  But, let's get one to some fun stuff.  

I still have been active on my Instagram and Twitter pages.  I promised to keep you all updated on my weight loss madness that is happening and I've been trying to do so.  I don't want to turn into one of those people who post every single workout I do.  However, I don't mind posting when I'm just in the mood of sharing.  Quite frankly, you might want to add me on Snapchat if your are interested in my workouts because I now love posting on there.  

So, how have things been going?  

Well, January was awesome!!!  I lost a total of around 13 lbs.  I found that keeping a fitness journal has been a great help.  I mean, I write everything else down.  So, it helped me to manage my workouts and since because I hate to see an empty day, it forced me to work out each day in January - whether it was cardio and doing my monthly challenge or just doing my monthly challenge.  

Although the end of January was interesting, I still managed to find a positive during each day.  I had seen something about keeping a jar of good things that happened each day.  However, I'm a writer.  It's just what I do.  So, I've kept track in a journal that just holds a bunch of stuff.  Here was January!!!  

Well, sorry I went missing, but I think you are all the way caught up.  Hopefully, I can stay on track during my birthday month of March, but I make no promises!!!  On the other hand, at this moment, on a rainy Sunday afternoon (yep, written two days before posting), it feels great to finally break out this blog and get back to it.  I've missed you, friends!  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


So...for those of you who know me, you're trying to figure out who irked me and some of you might be ready to go to battle.  If you are new to The Plus Diaries, you're probably thinking "this blog is about to be lit".  Calm down.  This is just one of these moments and I don't have to come here (in this rage) often.  

I've been friends with *Lisa for more than 20 years.  We met in middle school and we instantly clicked.  I truly consider her to be one of my greatest friends and I honestly can't imagine my life without her.  This is why I was so hurt a few years ago when her life took a path none of us expected.  

Without going into too much detail, her path involved drugs, sex, and money.  Of course, plenty of lies were told too.  Hell, I was even in some of the lies.  I didn't know about that part until people were asking me if I was "OK" and I had a reaction people didn't expect.

Oh, we talked.  I mean, she's my friend and I needed to know what was going on...especially since I was in her twisted stories.  But I was patient with her.  I let her talk, even though I knew some of what she was telling me was lies.  Even though it was from a distance, she still remained my friend.  At this very moment, she's one of my best friends.  And do you want to know why we're still friends?  She never told me directly or indirectly to GTFOO her L!  

I don't care what you are going through, there are two things I don't think you should ever do...alienate the people around you and tell people who have been (and still are) rooting for you to GTFOO you L.  Really?  Why in the world would you even do that?  And don't give me this mess about "well you don't know what they are going through".  You're right, I don't know what they are going through, but I do know a few things...

1 - We all go through stuff
2 - Life is hard
3 - There is a right way to talk to people

Telling people to leave is not wise.  Just because I'm sitting back on the sideline and not speaking, it doesn't mean I'm not watching.  I'm seeing more than you want me to see and I'm definitely taking notes.  Besides, the very people you are telling to leave might just be the very people you need to stay.  

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Outsiders

It has been too much going on in the blogging world recently.  I mean, I know that any press is good press, but this might have been too much.  Then add it on top of that, you get people who don't blog chiming in talking about you're just doing it to get free stuff or get a real job or find something to do with your spare time.  Let me answer all three of those - I've been writing in The Plus Diaries for almost five years and have proudly made 25 dollars (by accident), I do work a full-time job with great benefits, and writing is just one of the things I do in my spare time.  For you nosey people, I also do crafts, travel, and currently studying for a couple of tests in my free time.  

Blogging is supposed to be fun!  That's why I got into it in the first place.  But trust me, I salute all the wonderful bloggers out there making money off their blogs.  That's awesome to me!  You are doing what you love and making money off it?  If the quote is true and they really like writing, they are not working a single day of their lives.  If you're not making money from your blog, I salute you too.  You're writing for the hell of it and that is a beautiful thing.  For you people like who get some type of compensation every once in a while and not worrying about it, I salute you!  You've mastered the art making a little bit of money, but not letting that little bit of money go to your head like you just made a year's salary.  

My point?  No matter why you're blogging, if you're doing something you enjoy doing, keep going.  It doesn't matter what people think and it definitely doesn't matter what is going on in other blogs.  If we all just focused on our blogs and our other works that we are doing, we won't even have time to hear or be bothered by what other people are saying.  

Love yourself, love your blog, and love your wonderful support system.  Happy blogging! 

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