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It's Happening!!!

If you know anything about me from reading this blog, you know this without a shadow of a doubt... I LOVE ME SOME CLOTHES!!! I used to feel ashamed of shopping because I was scared that nothing looked right on me.  I'm a plus sized woman and I don't like looking like I'm in an old choir robe because designers weren't trying to make cute things to fit me and my fellow plus beauties.   I'm not sure when it happened.  I'm not even sure what it is, but I'm so happy the tide shifted.  Clothes, for people my size, started looking a lot better.  We now had colors to choose from instead of the basic (and slimming) black.  I like colors.  Scratch that.  I love colors.  I was tired of wearing dark colors and when I was finally able to break out of the dark madness, that is exactly what I did.   This brings us to today.  Yes, I know I took a hiatus!  But some great things happened during my hiatus and I have been patiently waiting to share it with you he

Fabulously Five

It's been a few interesting months.  I mean, it has been a while that you have heard from me...on here that is.  If you keep up with me on Instagram or Twitter , you know that I am very much alive and enjoying life.  If this is your only contact with me, I hope you change that, but know this... I'M BACK!!!   Ok, please know and understand that I reserve all rights to taking a break, but it's too many exciting things happening for me right now for me to take a break break.   What's going on?  Well, it's amazing that I started back blogging today because this beautiful baby of mine has officially turned five!!!  It's perfectly fine for you to breakout in whatever version of Happy Birthday you desire right now.  I mean, it's kinda what we do to celebrate so have at it.  Never did I ever think I would have kept this blog for five years.  Don't get it twisted, I love to write, but there are some things that just make it blahhh..... For instan