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The Sound of My Voice

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Tasia Talks podcast.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience, not because it was something I always wanted to do, but because it was something so out of my comfort zone.  

I decided this year to that I wanted to do some different things and being on a podcast was one of them.  It just so happened that I had the pleasure of being introduced to a host and we instantly clicked.  It was liked everything aligned and I am forever thankful for that moment.  

The podcast episode was titled Mental Awareness in the Black Community.  There was a couple of reasons this was outside of my comfort zone...I'm an introvert, this is still a rather taboo subject to talk about, and I have never really been a fan of hearing my own voice.  

However, here is what being a guest on a podcast taught me - I have a voice!!!  I have a solid voice.  I have things that are in my mind and heart that need to be said.  I have things that I care deeply …

BoPo 5-Oh!

Typically, I'm really good about saving posts when they give me inspiration for a post.  But I have a feeling that I just didn't save what I thought I saved. UGH!!!  In other words, we're going off memory, folks.

It was sometime in the first week of January that someone went all the way off on people and called them the Body Positive Police.  Oh, I laughed.  There was so much truth in the statement that I couldn't help but laugh.  Long story short, this person said the body positive movement was nothing but a joke if you didn't include every body.  She is right!!!

Keep in mind I said this took place the first week of January aka New Year's Resolution time.  People want to lose weight, cool.  I've lost just over 50 pounds.  I'm still plus size.  So am I not body positive because I wanted to lose weight?

Is Tess Holliday body positive being a plus model without the acceptable plus model body?  I think she is, but a lot of you call her names and say she…