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Many Years of Thursdays

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault I had a blog post ready to type.  I was going to tell you about my birthday month and all the fun I had during March celebrating with family and friends.  And then, Thursday, March 28 happened and Grey's Anatomy hit me with Episode 19 of Season 15 titled Silent All These Years.  As hard as it was for me to admit my story, when I posted tweets about being triggered and the experience, I finally typed WE instead of simply saying you.   I along with many people were triggered by that episode that night.  Quite frankly, it's hard for me to write this post, but I'm going to push through.   My typical Thursday looks like this - work, workout, do a devotion/bible study, eat, shower.  At 8pm EST, I am only communicating via  Twitter  because I'm going all the way in with the live tweets and enjoying my time with the Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 viewers.  It's part of my boundary that I am strongly holding on to this year.  However,

The Things That Keep A Man Single - my reponse to The Things That Keep A Woman Single

So sometime this week, Evan Moore (a fellow blogger) posted a blog titled The Things That Keep A Woman Single.   I found this post with the help of a Facebook friend.  I read it and of course, there was a certain one that got to me because I am a plus diva.  However, I figured why focus on just that one item when I had the opportunity to do a proper response (in my own style).  In order to do this, I found the author on twitter (@evanFmoore) and let him know that I would be doing a response to his post.  With his blessing, this is what brings me to my post tonight.  Now, you know I like to put my own spin on things (that's the joy of being a writer - I can do my own thing), so here goes.   Here is the link to Evan's post ( ).   I really hope you take the chance to read his post before you read the rest of this one, especially since this is technically a response to his post.  In

Enneagram Type

Recently, I've fallen in love with podcasts.  Google Play and Spotify have been helping me with this.  Eventually, I'll do a dedicated post for podcasts, but right now, I'm going somewhere else.  Two of the podcasts I listen to (Dateology and Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson) had mentioned Enneagram types.  I totally accept that I'm a bit of a weirdo and that meant I was absolutely intrigued. In other words, I took the test .  I am Enneagram Type 6w5.  Here are some traits that go with this type.  Personality Type seek support and guidance be hard-working and intellectual fear losing their stability project their feelings onto others think logically and analytically I am here for all of these except projecting my feelings.  I'm an introvert and I tend to shut down.  Not trying to be rude, but sometimes I'm just not cool with being around people.  At the time this post is being written, I've been out two weekends in a row.  Next weekend,